Farmer Replaces TMR Mixer Wagon with Hustler Round Bale Feeder

Published 12th February 2018
United Kingdom

Hustler’s mission is to understand our customer better than anyone else. This brings to the table some very interesting conversations, of which we like to share. Here are some insights from a farmer in the UK who converted from a TMR to Hustler SL360X round bale feeder

Improved animal health

Having been frustrated with the infections his cattle were getting from a wet balage harvest season, causing small traces of mould in some of the bales. Once they’d been unwrapped, had and not wanting to throw away tons of good balage just because of a small amount of mould.


What he discovered was with the TMR Mixer wagon, is that if any mould spores went into the mixer it would be mixed into the ration and all his cattle would get a share of it, causing infection to not just one cow. Be the whole herd they cannot avoid it and there was no way his cattle could separate between the good and bad forage. 


“If there is mould on a bale fed out by

the SL360X the animals see and avoid it”


Having sold the TMR and replaced it with a Hustler round bale feeder, he’s seen a noticeable improvement in the condition of his cattle, reduction in infections, and find the cattle now sort the balage if there’s any trace of mould in their serving. 

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Watch the SL360X in action

Other Benefits:

Not only has this farmer been able to significantly improve his livestock health by converting to theSL360X bale feeder. He’s been able to cut the time it takes to feed out to just 3-4 minutes, reduce his equipment investment costs, and save fuel