Rancher’s in-depth Comparison of Hustler Feeder vs. Bale Unroller

Published 8th May 2016

Matt Tuckwiller and his son Jamie, the 7th generation on their 800 acre, West Virginia ranch previously used a hay unroller to feed their 300 stocker cattle, 1200 bales each year with a mix of hay bales and baled silage. 

We decided, don’t take it from us! Instead we…

Interview Matt and Jamie, 2 months after taking delivery of their new Chainless X5000 bale feeder to see just how it compares to their old hay unroller. 

So here you have it, watch first hand this long video (we’ll make no bones about the fact it’s a 6 minute video, but it is in-depth and you’ll appreciate what they cover) where Matt and Jamie explain the Positives and the Negatives from their experience of how both systems compared. 


Here are some of the Key Benefits that the Tuckwiller’s liked about their Hustler feeder

  • 30% Saving of time
  • 50% Less fuel consumption
  • Cattle get more feed value by not tromping feed into the ground
  • Rotors chew up frozen bales – No longer need to chop bales with an axe
  • Single pass operation is quick and simple – No longer need to clear snow before feeding
  • Hay laid on top of snow, eliminates waste, reduces ground damage and hay is not packed into the ground
  • As easy to operate as backing a trailer and no longer needs to get out and unroll by hand
  • Reduced pasture, ground and soil damage than their tractor with unroller
  • No hammer flails that wear out or come loose
  • Ability to feed the optimum amount and save the rest for the next feeding
  • Less trips = less maintenance and less wear on their equipment
  • Hardly any moving parts
  • Single tractor operation

Hustler’s Chainless X5000 bale feeder has been developed in America, Australia and New Zealand to outperform any other bale feeding system and on widest variety of farming and ranching applications. To learn more and see the Chainless in action browse the Mediaroom or register for the next demo event in your county, or click on the button below to book your own demo, on your own ranch, with your own bales.