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Hustler’s Texas Based Rep in Action!

Meet Dwain Christophersen in action, Hustler's Texas based rep discussing organic farming. Another passionate member of the Hustler staff, going the extra mile to help farmers and ranchers produce...Read More

Hustler Bale Feeder Benefits

For more than 54 years and counting... We're absolutely passionate about helping ranchers and farmers produce more beef from every bale. Hustler bale feeders do not grind, shred or cut the bale,...Read More

Feeding tube wrapped bales made easy!

Are you having trouble with your Hay Processor clogging when trying to feed high moisture bales? Hustler have been innovating feeding equipment for 54 years, this experience allows Hustler to...Read More

Win a Chainless X5000 for a Season!

We are keen to reward farmers who are prepared to invest in the market-leading Hustler gear, so for this Spring and Summer anyone who purchases Hustler Softhands or Sprayers and returns the...Read More

What do you use your Softhands for?

Did you know the Mighty Mega Softhands are so tough they're not intimidated by building waste! "Clamping all 3 sides of this rubbish ;-)" What else do you use yours for... "Proposing??" Post...Read More

Release of the All NEW Chainless XR1500

Hustler is pleased to announce the launch of the All new Chainless XR1500, a stationery balefeeder designed specifically for re-baling round bales into a small square baler. The XR1500 can also be...Read More

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