How to reduce application costs by as much as 70%

Published 2nd October 2015
Pasture and Soil

Are you growing vegetables or dense foliage crops such as tomatoes, potatoes, squash, lettuces, soybeans or other similar crops? Using an Air-assisted boom can reduce input costs by up to 70% compared to a conventional boom whilst increasing the effectiveness of the spray application. Take a look at this recently delivered 1500 litre, 14m Air-assisted boom sprayer to a vegetable grower in Waikato, NZ

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Here are some results from comparison tests –

Comparison between conventional and air assisted spraying

Conventional spraying:

Goodyear Farm was using a conventional 14-meter boom sprayer, 2000-liter tank with the following application rate:

  • Application rate: 467 L/ha
  • Pressure: 120 PSI
  • Nozzle type: TeeJet AI 1003-VS
  • Tractor speed: 5 km/h

Air assisted spraying:

They used the Advance 3000 Vortex with 18-meter boom, 3000 liters tank, rate controller with the following application rate:

  • Application rate: 170 L/ha
  • Nozzles types: JA-2 at 150 PSI or AVI 110-025 at 60 PSI
  • Tractor speed: 7 – 8 km/h

The fungicide used was systemic and it is recommended 50 – 70 droplets per square centimeter. Before they were washing down the plants and wasting too much chemicals, polluting the environment.

Following are some pictures illustrating the coverage difference between “convention and air assisted spraying”.



The Advance Vortex air assisted sprayer presented an outstanding performance compared to conventional sprayer. In addition, the customer is saving 70% of operating expenses using more concentrated solution. The customer is very satisfied with the results and he will purchase another one in the near future.

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