Hustler Combi CM156 Silage Wagon



Feedout Wagons

Used 2021 Hustler Combi CM156 multi-feeder wagon with optional hydraulic brakes.

AUD $50,000


  • Feedpad spilling retention kit standard.
  • Gearbox drives on all floors.
  • Strongest 65×35 box section bolt on bars on X floor and rear floor.
  • Covered shafts and proven steel floors last the life of the machine.
  • All drives running on bearings.
  • Scale ready which weighs when on the jack and attached to the tractor.
  • Bolt on mudguards, access platforms and ladder standard.
  • Central greasing on axle and difficult to reach bearings.
  • Toughest axle design with massive 2,200cm2 of pivot surface area.
  • Simplified loadcell integration for easier retro fitment of scales.
  • Elevator stands up vertical for more compact transport mode.
  • Lower maintenance front and rear elevator spill retainers as standard.
  • Guarding and covers for hydraulic valves


  • Round Bales: 4-8
  • Medium Square Bales: 4-8
  • Large Square Bales (8ft): 2-4
  • Loose Silage (Load Level): 15m3
  • Loose Silage (Heaped Load): 17m3
  • Maximum Load: 10,000kg
  • Overall Width: 2720mm
  • Overall Length: 7920mm
  • Overall Height / Loading Height: 2300mm / 2150mm
  • Bin width: 2290mm
  • Bin length: 5775mm
  • Tare Weight: 4,210kg
  • Standard Tyres: 400 / 60 x 15.5 Flotation Grip Tread
  • Axle: Tandem Walking Beam
  • Brakes: Optional 2 or 4 wheel braking
  • Weigh Scales: Optional Feedlink weighing and feed management system
  • Floor: Welded Steel Floors
  • Chains (Bed / X floor / Elevator): Twin 12,000lb Roller Chains
  • Feed Bars (Bed / X Floor / Elevator): 65 x 35 RHS / 65 x 35 RHS / 40 x 40 RHS
  • Joystick: Standard In-cab electric joystick
  • Hydraulics Required: 2 pair double acting
  • Elevator: 1645mm wide chain/slat
  • Jack: 80mm 2 speed screw, with quick adjustment. Designed strong enough for use as quick hitch stand

TASMAC Australia

Location: 2 Piping lane East Devonport TAS 7310, Australia

Used equipment sold by:

Matthew Scott


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