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Hustler CHXR1500

$14,750 CAD

Hustler’s CHXR1500, later called the SX105 is a stationary unit designed to feed large round and square bales into a conventional baler. 

The 3:1 ratio of the CHXR1500’s rotors fluffs up the hey while keeping the whole plant from stem to leaf intact. This maintains the quality of your hay and makes it better for your herd to consume, or if you are wanting to sell the new bales, the Hustler CHRX1500 can help you increase the sale price.

Score your self a deal by purchasing this used CHXR1500 for just $14,750.00 CAD.

Hustler Chainless Rebaler Bale Feeder – CHXR1500
Serial Number: 2122019
7’ wide x 9’ long x 4’ high x 700kg
Metal frame with lower members that can be cross chained inside trailer

Pickup Address: 3777 Highway 4 (NS-4), Westville, NS B0K 2A0

Used equipment sold by:

Bill Baillie

403 963 2995

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