Bradon Price, Upper Grey Valley, New Zealand

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  • Bradon Price manages one of Stu & Jan Moirs run-off properties in the Upper Grey Valley district.  This run-off is about 180ha. Last November the Moirs purchased a 2000l Hustler trailed Sprayer for this block.  Seven months down the track and 600ha of ground covered Bradon reports that he is very happy and the savings are certainly coming in.  There were a few teething issues however these were quickly resolved.  The machine was up spec’d to include electric fenceline nozzles which take the 14m boom out to a 16.5m, Induction Hopper, Venturi filler and the Raven Envizio guidance, Auto rate & Auto boom shut off.  Bradon reports that he can cover up to 40ha/day spraying Roundup at 100l/ha and can get up to speeds of around 21km.  He would average about 13-16km/hr.

    Overspray issues have been greatly reduced and he has trimmed 15% off his chemical bill in reduced costs.  One spray alone on 200ha of bug spray – Bradon saved $5500!  The GPS system is great, ‘Any muppet can use it.  Once it set you don’t have to worry about it, just drive until the screen is painted green. I love the induction Hopper,” says Price, “especially having it equipped with the bottle cleaner”.

    Bradon says, “The Venturi filler is great and it is faster to fill with this than water from the cowshed. The self levelling suspension on the boom is fantastic!”.  After researching other brands, Bradon’s comments were, ” The Hustler is easy to clean, filters are in a good spot, good access to the tank, better ground clearance, better GPS & generally better spec”.  The Sprayer was supplied by Hustler’s West Coast agent – CB Norwoods.








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    Bradon Price, Upper Grey Valley, New Zealand
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