How to tighten your Unrolla chains

Published 15th March 2023

Scott from Hustler HQ Customer Care demonstrates how to tighten the chains of the Unrolla bale unrollers.


Hey there, it’s Scott here from the customer care team over at Hustler HQ. Today we’ll be talking about chain tensioning on the Unrolla bale feeders. For tensioning chains, you’ll need two spanners and ideally a bale.

To tension the chains you’ll need an 18 and a 19 millimetre spanner. In all four corners of the bale feeder, you have these banana shaped chain tensioners. There at the top there’s a pivot point. And at the bottom, there’s a adjustable bolt. So basically 18/19 millimetre, loosen it off. Ideally, you’ll want to have a bale in the chamber when your tension back up. Once you have the bale in the chamber, all your tensions are loose, you’ll get down, basically pull down as hard as possible on the tensioner. Ideally two people would be needed and get the other person just to tighten up the adjuster bolt and that’s really it, as easy as that. We run our 12,000 pound roller chain on all our – Yeah, it’s actually pretty resistant to stretching. So seasonal will be fine for tensioning the chains.

Thanks for watching. If you have any further questions, or want to have a chat to the customer care team, you can jump on our website we have a live chat or contact your nearest Hustler dealer. Thanks for watching, guys.