How to use an Even Feed Roller

Published 14th March 2023

Brent shows you how to use your Even Feed Roller


Hello, I’m Brent with Huster Equipment and today we’re here to show you our new Even Feed Roller. It’s an attachment that will retrofit to any Chainless bale feeder, and it just helps Chainless bale feeders feed even more bales.

With these high density squares, this attachment here will help break up the biscuits into smaller pieces for easier feeding for your cattle.

So there’s two positions: the round bale position and the square bale position. It’s quick release to switch between the two. So with a Chainless you can switch between feeding rounds and squares with no tools and can feed any bale.

So when you’re feeding square bales, simply grab this roller in the middle, push it up its slides until it latches into its – into its position up here, and then simply click your latch into place, and you’re good to go.

So that’ll stop your square bale will come up and there are only a small amount of the biscuits to come off at a time allowing your rotors to tease it apart much more for your cattle. So once you’ve finished feeding your squares, simply release the latch at both ends. And grab your pipe in the middle. Slide it down into the rounds position. Now you can go feed out rounds easy as.