Australian contractor shares his honest review on the Hustler Applic8r mounted boom sprayer

Published 10th February 2023

Wayne Owers, a spraying contractor based in New South Wales, Australia – recently purchased a Hustler Applic8r LX1150 tractor-mounted boom sprayer. After having done close to 10,000 acres with it, he shared his thoughts on this Hustler sprayer unit. Watch the video below to find out more!


Wayne Owers is the owner of Rural Spraying Services – a spraying contractor business located in the lower Hunter Region (also commonly known as the Hunter Valley) near Dundog in New South Wales, Australia.

Wayne and his team have been using the Hustler Applic8r LX1150 sprayer for just over a year and have covered close to 10,000 acres with it, primarily for fertilising jobs. Wayne “looked at many options” before settling his choice on the Hustler Applic8r, which simply “ticked all the boxes,” he explained. 


“It just makes life really easy”


The Hustler Applic8r mounted boom sprayer range is entirely customisable and consists of three tank sizes, respectively 680, 890 and 1150 litres (179, 235 and 303 gallons).

Wayne chose the biggest tank capacity and added the SonicBoom, a 12-metre (39 feet) hydraulic folding boom. He also added a few options on top of the standard configuration.

  • The SonicBoom comes with standard triple nozzle bodies, which allows the operator to flick between three different nozzle sizes and water rates instantly. All the nozzles are also using air induction technology, turning the spray from a fine mist to air-filled droplets that drop to the ground and are less likely to drift away.

  • Using the latest CAD flow simulation technology to create the perfect mix of fluid throughout the tank without dead spots, MixMax™ agitation system is powerful enough for the thickest of fertilisers. “It has excellent mixing facilities,” Wayne said. The operator can control how much agitation is required, from zero to full agitation. This feature comes now standard on all the Hustler Applic8r spraying units.
  • Wayne added the optional ErgoMax™ induction hopper and pre-mixing system that allows the operator to pre-mix powders, chemicals, or fertilisers and fill from waist height for extra convenience. Designed with a smart sluce feature and container rinse nozzle to simplify clean up and is fully sealed to prevent dust from entering the hopper during transport and contaminating the spray. “The chemical induction system is really helpful. It helps with being able to batch up your tanker chemical cleanly and easily and safely,” continued Wayne.
  • Hustler’s unique ViziGauge™ is visible from 120 degrees, so Wayne can easily see the tank level from the tractor seat (and the ground) and how much fluid is left in the tank. A floating ball tube gauge makes it easy to read and provides more tank-filling accuracy with unique mould-in permanent graphics.
  • Compact and built to last, the Applic8r chassis has the biggest section in its class! The unique straight-through chassis design and careful attention chassis/tank/pump integration have allowed Hustler to produce the toughest and most compact sprayer available today. The Applic8r’s chassis has been CAD tested for stress and real-life tested for fatigue on our destroyer. It lasted in excess of four times the required benchmark.

  • A tough built-in SkidPlate™ protects the vital parts including the pump, tank, filters, drain, from damage should you misjudge a hump or hollow.
  • The high-flow QuickFlush™ Tank Drain operated from the top of the tank saves the operator from climbing underneath to empty the tank and reduces clean-up time and saves the operator from getting covered in chemicals during clean-up. “All the features are quite easy to access,  It’s got good drain features, good wash-out features,” Wayne said.
  • A generous sump size is all part of the design so Wayne can spray on steep terrain without sucking air and leaving missed patches and empty the entire tank even when operating on the steepest of terrain. The pump is also rear-mounted and offset to allow for the longer PTO shaft, enabling the sprayer to run whilst on the ground and be fitted on any tractor size without needing to cut or lengthen the PTO shaft.  “The Hustler sprayer works quite well in hilly terrain as well as on flat going. It’s balanced well,” Wayne said.

Twelve months in after the purchase, we’re more than happy with what we’ve done, and I believe it’s the best one out there,” Wayne concluded.


“I believe it’s the best one out there”


All in all, the Hustler linkage boom sprayer range Applic8r – with the industry’s best warranty, unique best-in-class agitation and mixing, toughest design on the market, user-friendly low profile – is simply one of the best compact mounted boom sprayers on the market today.

Customise your Applic8r online and contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!


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