How to Get More Bales into Your TMR Mixer Wagon.

Published 20th January 2017
Unrolla LM105/LX105 (SL300X/SL360X)

For one farmer in Finland, sick of the time and diesel consumption required for his TMR Mixer Wagon to shred bales, he decide to try out Hustler’s new SL360X/ Unrolla LX105 loader mounted bale feeder and discovered an additional advantage that hadn’t even entered his thoughts! Read on… 

After having trialled various types of bale slicers looking for a solution, he thought he’d give the newly released SL360X/ Unrolla LX105 a demo and this is what he found out!

Previously he’d only been able to get 6 bales into his TMR Mixer wagon. Once unrolling bales with the SL360X/ Unrolla LX105 directly into the mixer he can comfortably fit 7! This cut considerable amounts of time from his daily feeding routine.



This was a feature he’d discovered during the demonstration, but what first got his attention were the numerous other benefits:

  1. Operators can measure the exact amount of hay or balage into the TMR, simplifying ration calculations and calculation errors. Previously he needed to load the bales first, determine the weight then adjust the volume of added products accordingly.
  2. Time savings from having to wait for the TMR to grind up bales
  3. Fuel savings from the shorter mixing and feeding times, and the reduced power consumption required for mixing.
  4. Eliminated wear-n-tear on the blades of the mixer, and load on the gearbox, because the hay is already teased apart and the TMR can do its job mixing the ration.


Take a look at this video to see the SL360X/ Unrolla LX105 in action.  


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