Hawkes Bay Dealer Delivers Two Comby Feeders in One Day.

Published 10th August 2016
New Zealand

For Power Farming Hawkes Bay, it wasn’t the usual Monday.  Having recently secured exclusivity for Hustler’s new multi feeder range of Comby feeders and forage wagons they delivered and installed two new Hustler Comby’s, one a Super Comby and the other a Super Comby EX, to some very happy farmers in the Hawke’s Bay.  Thanks to Ben Munford for recommending the ultimate solution for these farmers feeding needs, rather than simply just selling a product for the sake of getting a deal! 


For one beef and cropping farmer having loved the versatility of the Comby Feeders it was simply an update to the new model Super Comby EX with a bit more capacity and some fat tractor grip wheels after having such a successful run of over 13 years with his previous Super Comby. The new wagon is saving this farmer 1 trip each day they’re feeding. 

Loaded with 18m3 of silage in their new Super Comby EX, towed with a 150hp tractor this farmer was impressed with how stable the unit was on the hills.


Feeding out in the pastures the Super Comby EX Multifeeder is dwafted by the landscape


For another well-known Hawke’s Bay based sheep and beef farmer investing in the Super Comby, the only true multi-feeder, for him it was a game changer, and provided the following benefits:

  1. He no longer needed his bale feeder or his grain trailers.
  2. Eliminated the need to purchase a single use silage wagon to feed his 500 tonnes of silage.
  3. One feeding trip to each field (instead of 2-3 depending on what he was feeding) and a substantial cut to the amount of trips between blocks and travel each day. 
  4. One machine to maintain and operate.
  5. Eliminated opening a hang of a lot of gates everyday.

For an on-farm demonstration, or to see how Comby Feeder’s can substantially reduce capital investment, overhead costs, and hassle in your operation contact one of Hustler’s Field Consultants today. 

The Super Comby feeding mixed grain on top of balage in one pass. This nice big rig was set up with a new tractor and Hustler’s Quick Hitch. 

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Grain can be fed on top of the hay or silage or on it’s own. And the flow rate can be adjusted to suit the needs of your livestock.

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