Why did this dairy farmer replace his SL700X with a Chainless X5000?

Published 5th August 2016
New Zealand

Very soft bales!! Yes and you may have thought chain type bale feeders were better for soft bales? The all new Chainless X5000 masters the softest, out-of-shape bales you can find, and it does it better than every other feeder on the market. And the tightest, no matter which bale you have the X5000 feeds it out.

After feeding 3000 bales, this Ashurst based dairy farmer found that it was too hard work with a chain-feeder when feeding out his soft bales, so the team at Mech Agriculture demonstrated the all new Chainless X5000 to see how it would perform. What Matt Jones found was the Chainless X5000 was much easier to use and it feeds them out flawlessly. 


“It’s much easier to use, than the chain feeder”