This Farm Feeds 15 Bales to 900 Cows in 2 Hours

Published 23rd June 2016
New Zealand

Washpool station is fattening cattle with balage in sacrifce paddocks, with each 15 herd of 60 cattle in seperate break fenced paddocks.

Each herd/paddock gets 1 bale each per day¬†and they’re¬†feeding the entire herd of 900 cattle in less than 2 hours. That’s 900 cattle fed in under 2 hours. WOW!¬†



All 900 cows get an equal portion and the 26,400lbs of feed is consumed within just 30 minutes of being distributed.¬†The high moisture haylage provides these cattle with their¬†complete diet for the day as they’re fattened in their sacrifice paddocks with no other feed source – this just goes to show how top quality balage can be a winner for your production.¬†

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