What do dealers say about Hustler

Published 23rd June 2016
New Zealand

Hustler is already a good name an a well-known brand in the area where Power Farming, Hawkes Bay is located but it didn’t stop Hustler from improving their services and developing more products that ease the farmers from their everyday farming jobs. 

Combi CM Multi-Feeder Range

Power Farming deals with different brands on a daily basis but Hustler stands out from the rest. With Hustler equipment, the workflow is smooth and they encountered no issues.

It’s the simplicity and reliability of Hustler’s products that help them market Hustler very efficiently.

Hustler’s personnel are so passionate and always put their 100% on their job that help the dealers with theirs.

Watch the video below of Power Farming, Hustler dealer at Hawkes Bay and hear what he has to say about Hustler.



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