SL360X “Absolutely The Best Feeder I’ve Ever Used!”

Published 23rd June 2016
New Zealand

Willie Berkers visited the Hustler team at the New Zealand Fieldays 2016 to tell the boys how much he loves his new Hustler bale feeder, the all new SL360X…

Willie was one of the first in the steep hill country, Waitomo area to take delivery of the new SL360X and he’s absolutely rapt with the decision, Especially for the fact that…

The SL360X is the 

Lowest hassle bale feeder on the market

and he never needs to tug on a rope again.

The unique patented Snaplox function on the SL360X allows the operator to disconnect the feeding cradle from the headstock by lowering the machine to the ground, it’s seamless and fool-proof.

This is a great development that comes from Hustler listening to farmers, responding to their needs and Rethinking the Everyday. 

With the SL360X no longer will you:

  • Strain your back and shoulders from twisting to tug on the rope of a traditional feeder
  • Smash the back window of your tractor because you’ve forgotten to disconnect the rope
  • Need to juggle the forward/reverse shuttle, clutch and rope all at the same time to disconnect. 

And it opens up a whole raft of new possibilities due to the fact you can now mount the feeder on a front loader.