EagleTech Boom

Dives like an Eagle.

Every day since 1961, Hustler’s Boom Sprayers have led the market with industry’s best warranty, unique, best-in-class agitation and mixing, the toughest design and loaded with innovative user-friendly features. But now, Hustler has done it once again. Alongside our proven manual Duraboom and Ultraboom range & hydraulic SonicBoom range, welcome the new Hustler’s hydraulic EagleBoom.

Features & Benefits

EagleBoom 14-metre hydraulic fold boom loaded with innovative features!

Hydraulic boom dampeners

Acting as an eagle in a dive, hydraulic boom dampeners are taking all the whip and the bounce out of the boom, for extreme durability. It also creates a real stable, supple ride. End sections are suspended separately from the rest of the boom, meaning that the load of the end sections is carried back through the central section, where is all the strength of the design is. The weight of the intermediate section had also been reduced, brought back into the central frame.

Self-leveling design

A vertical suspension placed in the middle offers self-leveling comfort and the incorporation of forward and backward suspensions allows the operator to work on hilly country with sharp turns in small paddocks resulting in less stress on the gear.

Inline sectional filters

Inline sectional filters are a real time-saver, especially when you are trying to get those last few hectares done. Instead of changing the filters in the nozzle bodies (28-29 nozzles), the sectional filters allow you to change five filters for the total width of the boom instead of having to change 28-29 nozzles.

Double nozzle bodies

Double nozzle bodies come as standard equipment, allowing you to flick between two different nozzle sizes in a blink of an eye.

Safety first

Rubber safety holders for the transport position have been added to redirect the weight carried on the boom’s hook and the pivot pin rather than all the weight transferred back through the pivot pin. The boom is no longer rattling around in transport position, getting your load secured in on-road situations and helping with longevity.


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