DuraBoom 6 | Manual folding boom

A tough manual folding spray boom that features protected quick-fitting anti-drip nozzle bodies and nozzles, breakaway boom protection and more!


Tough and durable manual folding boom

The DuraBoom manual folding boom range has been designed for farmers and ranchers who are looking for a tough and durable spraying solution that embarks all the essential features without the bells and whistles. The range offers two wide-length options – the DuraBoom 6 (6 m or 19.6 ft) and the DuraBoom 8 (8 m or 26.2 ft).

6 Reasons to choose DuraBoom

The Hustler DuraBoom range is available in two sizes: the DuraBoom 6 (6 m or 19.6 ft) and the DuraBoom 8 (8 m or 26.2 ft).

  • Nozzles are fully shielded
  • TaperLock™ pivot pins eliminate the chances of wear
  • Anti-drip nozzle bodies with air induction tips
  • Stainless steel nozzle lines
  • Breakaway protection
  • Includes 5-m (16.4-ft) of 1/2” feed hose

Key Features and Benefits

Fully shielded nozzles

The DuraBoom’s nozzles are fully shielded, meaning that they are less likely to get broken or lost.

DuraBoom shielded nozzles

TaperLock™ pivot pin system

Our unique TaperLock™ pivot pin system has been developed to securely fasten the boom arms to the center section. The strength of the top and bottom members are combined together, resulting in an extra strong design. By reducing pressure and abrasion, it saves any slops developing while the boom sits in both working or transport positions. TaperLock™ also allows excellent breakaway protection when in use and solid rest points when folded for storage or transport.

DuraBoom TaperLock™ pivot pin system

Anti-drip nozzle bodies with air induction tips

DuraBoom’s nozzle bodies integrate anti-drip features that reliably prevent any dripping at the nozzle to avoid wastage and unwanted sprayed spots. Air induction tips offer excellent drift resistance without compromising spray coverage and are suitable for a wide variety of systemic herbicides and applications where drift control is critical.

Anti drip nozzle bodies with air induction tips

Stainless steel nozzle lines

Stainless steel is a great material for nozzle lines as it provides better wear resistance and will last four to six times longer than its brass counterparts.

Stainless steel nozzle lines

1/2” feed hose

All the DuraBoom booms use a 5-metre (16.4-foot) long, 1/2″-thick feed hose for power and efficient spraying.

0.5 in feed hose

See it in action


Boom length: 6 m | 19.6 ft
Number of nozzles: 12
Material: Galvanised Steel
Tare weight: 65 kg | 143 lb
Boom length: 8 m | 26.2 ft
Number of nozzles: 16
Material: Galvanised Steel
Tare weight: 70 kg | 154 lb

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