Feeding both round and square bales, Hustler Chainless bale feeder boosts dairy farm productivity

Published 24th August 2023
New Zealand

New Zealand dairy farmer Sam Leslie values efficient and reliable farming equipment. His decision to invest in the Hustler trailed Chainless TE205 bale feeder has been a game-changer, primarily thanks to the ability of the machine to handle both round and square bales. See Sam’s video review to learn how the Hustler Chainless bale improved his feeding routine and productivity.


In the heart of New Zealand’s Waikato region, Sam Leslie and his family operate two farms, an 800-cow dairy farm and a dry stock block with 500 beef cattle. “It’s a great lifestyle for my sons to grow up on the farm,” Sam said.

Given the suitable geography and climate, the Waikato economy is strongly based on agriculture, especially dairy which has been the main agricultural activity since the late 19th century. Farmers use a variety of supplementary feeds – hay, grass and corn silage – in winter or during the infrequent summer droughts.

Sam’s journey into farming started without a traditional agricultural background. He didn’t grow up on a farm but studied agriculture at Massey University – Massey’s agriculture programme is the highest-ranked in New Zealand, and 19th in Quacquarelli Symonds’ (QS) world university subject rankings – and embarked 15 years ago on a path to becoming a successful farmer.

Three years ago, he first encountered the Hustler Chainless bale feeder, thanks to a recommendation from a farmer friend who raved about its versatility. “A mate bought one for his farm, and it was the duck’s nuts for bale feeders,” Sam recalled.


“We are able to feed out both the round bales and the square bales”


The Hustler Chainless bale feeder is designed to efficiently feed livestock by reducing waste and saving time. It is a unique bale feeder that uses a chainless system to feed out round or square bales of hay or silage. This aspect particularly resonated with Sam, as he manages a combination of cattle types across his farms, and having the ability to do both translates to cost savings in terms of haulage – when it comes to buying forage – and overall logistics. “I like the square bales because you can get more on a truck which saves on cartage,” Sam said.

For Sam, the decision to invest in the Hustler Chainless bale feeder came after a frustrating encounter with his previous bale feeder that was prone to frequent breakdowns. The chainless design eliminates the need for chains, which can become worn and break over time, causing costly downtime for repairs.

When his local Hustler dealer in Te Awamutu presented an opportunity to explore the Hustler Chainless system, Sam’s choice became clear. “A salesman came out, and I said, ‘I need a bale feeder.’ He said, ‘Yep, we can do this.’,” Sam recalled. The decision to invest in the Chainless bale feeder turned out to be a game-changer.

The reliability of the Hustler brand and the versatile features of the Chainless bale feeder stood out as practical solutions to his feeding challenges.


“I recommend these bale feeders just for the versatility”


The Hustler Chainless bale feeder works by using two rotors designed to gently tease out the hay or silage from the bale. The bale is placed onto the platform of the feeder and the rotors are engaged, which starts the feeding process. Both rotors spin at a slow and consistent speed – within a 3:1 ratio speed between the top and bottom rotor – which ensures that the bale is fed out evenly and without any sudden jerks or stops.


“It saves my men’s time, saves me time”


As a busy farmer juggling multiple responsibilities, time efficiency is crucial for Sam. With three staff members working across his farms, the Hustler Chainless bale feeder proves invaluable. “I really like being able to swap between the bale feeder and feedout wagon,” Sam explained. “We have three staff across the farms. They enjoy not having to take the bale feeder off each time, it’s just dropping the quick hitch. It saves them time, and saves me time. Being able to feed out both rounds and the squares, and for swapping between implements,” Sam detailed.

The seamless transition between the bale feeder and other implements thanks to a quick hitch not only saves time but also simplifies daily operations, empowering the farm’s workforce to work smarter and accomplish more within the same timeframe.


“I think the Hustler is a really well-built machine, and it’ll definitely be around when my sons enter the farm”


Three seasons into using the Hustler Chainless bale feeder, Sam’s confidence in the machine’s build quality and performance has only grown. “I recommend these just for the versatility to be able to feed out both rounds and the squares and swapping between implements,” Sam said.

The assurance of reliability and the ability to seamlessly switch between bale types and implements have added value to his farming operation. As he envisions the future, Sam is optimistic about the Hustler Chainless bale feeder‘s role on his farm even as it evolves, becoming a machine he trusts to serve his sons when they take over the family farm.

“I think the Hustler is a really well-built machine, and it’ll definitely be around when my sons enter the farm,” Sam concluded.


Hustler trailed Chainless bale feeder range is available in three models: Chainless TE205, Chainless TX205 and Chainless TH205 (this heavy-duty model is available in North America only). Visit the Chainless bale feeder product webpage to explore the full range.

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