Why Hustler’s Chainless double bale feeder is the best investment this New Zealand farm ever made?

Published 17th August 2023
New Zealand

There’s no denying that the Hustler Chainless TE205 bale feeder has proven to be an irreplaceable asset in streamlining the day-to-day feeding routine for New Zealand farm manager, Peter Shannon. Watch Pete’s testimonial video to discover how Hustler has transformed his farming operation.


Operating across a couple of 250-hectare (617-acre) farms in the Canterbury region of New Zealand, under the stewardship of Jeremy and Deb Silva, Pete has hands-on experience in the heartland of the country’s agricultural production. Located in the central-eastern part of the South Island, Canterbury is not only the largest region in the country by area, but it also contributes a substantial 20% of its total farmland. 

Dairy support forms the cornerstone of the farm activities with 1,200 milking cows, 500 heifers and 100 Angus breeding cows. Last year, Pete invested in a Hustler trailed Chainless TE205 bale feeder he bought from his local dealer NC Equipment.

Pete finds the Hustler bale feeder a game-changer, claiming it’s a significant “time-saver, easy to maintain and easy to use.” 


“Hustler’s really giving us that opportunity to have a good smooth season”


On the farms, the cows’ diet is primarily made of standing grass, grass silage bales and fodder beet. “We grow 40 hectares of fodder beet, which involves a lot of cultivation,” Pete explained. 

Fodder beet is a popular feed for non-lactating cows in New Zealand’s colder regions. Now, it’s included in the diets of dairy livestock across all major regions often for half the year. Fodder beet is either grazed as standing crops or harvested and fed on pads or in paddocks. Its long shelf life, whether in the ground or harvested, makes it a versatile crop.

This year, Pete’s hard work and dedication paid off, with his crop yields surpassing an impressive 30 tonnes per hectare, a feat made possible in part by the efficient time-saving abilities of the Hustler Chainless TE205 bale feeder that allowed Pete to concentrate more intently on the crops.

Indeed, with “six mobs operating over the two farms fed out once a day”, the farms’ daily routine revolves around efficient feeding practices. The Hustler Chainless TE205 “allows us to take two bales at a time. “It not only speeds the job up but makes it a lot easier with our workload,” Pete detailed.

Hustler’s trailed Chainless TE205 double bale feeder is designed to maximise efficiency and reliability on a livestock farm. One of its key features is the ability to feed two bales at once, which saves time and reduces the need for frequent refilling. This is especially useful for larger herds where feeding can be a time-consuming task.

The Chainless TE205 also features a unique self-loading system that allows for easy loading of bales without leaving the tractor cab. This reduces the need for manual labour and makes the feeding process more efficient. Additionally, the feeder’s low profile design allows for easy access to bales, which further streamlines the feeding process.


“The Hustler Chainless TE205 not only speeds the job up but makes it a lot easier with our workload”


In the past, the challenge of untangling bale strings was a cumbersome, energy-draining chore. “It was quite a tiresome job,” Pete said. 

Pete and his team, however, discovered an ingenious solution in the Hustler Chainless TE205, thanks to a cleverly situated small metal bar beneath the bale feeder’s platform. This thoughtful innovation made it possible for them to quickly cut and secure the strings, allowing for complete removal once the bale was fully fed.

No more wrestling with stubborn strings mid-process, as they had previously experienced. “Now we’ve found the bar underneath the platform, we can cut the strings, tie them to that the wagon will do its job feeding out and at the end of it, we’ve got our strings left behind, wrap them up and go on to the next bale. So it’s been a massive time saver as well,” Pete explained.

This seemingly simple, yet highly effective modification turned the Hustler feed out wagon into an essential piece of farm equipment, dramatically boosting productivity and easing the burden of manual labour.

Another important feature of the Chainless TE205 is its chainless design. This eliminates the need for chains, which can be a common source of wear and tear on traditional bale feeders. By eliminating chains, the Chainless TE205 requires less maintenance and is less likely to break down, which contributes to its overall reliability.


“It’s been a massive time saver as well”


Pete’s endorsement of Hustler’s equipment extends beyond its innovative design. He highlights the exceptional build quality and durability that define Hustler products. Their equipment is more than just machinery; it’s a robust, solid piece of kit that stands the test of time. In an industry that demands unwavering reliability, Pete’s trust in Hustler’s equipment is a testament to its enduring performance.

“What we liked about the Hustler was just they’re a really good solid piece of kit. They don’t tend to fall apart. They’re easy to maintain,” Pete continued.


“They’re a really good solid piece of kit”


The ease of use of the Hustler equipment is a crucial factor, enabling seamless transitions between different staff members operating the machine. “We feed out seven days a week in the season, it means that there are different staff on the machine. And so it’s very easy to use,” Pete said. 

This user-friendly design allows Pete’s team to focus on the task at hand, eliminating unnecessary complexities and ensuring that the job gets done with precision.

Pete’s experience with Hustler Equipment extends beyond their products; it’s a partnership built on shared values and goals. In the demanding world of livestock farming, reliability is paramount. Hustler understands this need, and their equipment reflects a commitment to excellence and dependability. Pete values the peace of mind that comes with having reliable equipment that enables him to tackle his responsibilities with confidence.

“One thing about this place is it’s very intensive. And so it’s very important that we have something that is reliable, and we can really just get on and do the job and that’s something that really appeals to us and something that Hustler in particular is able to give us in their equipment,” Pete concluded.


Hustler Chainless TE205 specifications:

Bale Sizes Round: All sizes up to 5’ X 6’
Bale Sizes Square: All sizes over 6’ long requires optional platform extension
Bale Weight: Up to 1,000 kg ea | Up to 2,204 lb ea
Unit Weight: 1,160 kg | 2,557 lb
Hydraulics Required: 2 x double-acting, 30-60 liters/min | 8-16 gal/min
Capacity: 2 x bales (round or square)
Tynes: 2 x Forged high tensile
Towing Eye: 45 mm swiveling forged eye | 1.7 in swiveling forged eye, 12t rated | 26,450 lb rated
Axles: 6 Stud, 60 mm Square | 2 in Square
Wheels: 11.5/80R15.3
Ground Clearance: 443 mm | 17 in
Loading: Self-Loading
Size (L x W x H): 4467 x 2410 x 1669 mm | 175 x 94 x 65in

Hustler trailed Chainless bale feeder range is available in three models: Chainless TE205, Chainless TX205 and Chainless TH205 (this heavy-duty model is available in North America only). Visit the Chainless bale feeder product webpage to explore the full range.


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