Bunk Feeding Simplified with Chainless X2500 Bale Feeder

Published 31st October 2017
New Zealand

Sheep and beef farming near Balclutha, Malcolm upgraded his trusty old Chainless 2000 to the all new Chainless X2500 round and square bale feeder for a number of reasons… 

Mostly feeding round bales of balage or dry hay, Malcolm uses hay racks on his winter crops to minimise waste and keep the feed up off the ground in the muddy sacrifice paddocks. Using small hay racks, the new design of the Chainless X2500 bale feeder allows him to easily distribute each bale into a number of racks, giving his sheep equal access to smaller portions of feed, without needing to compete. 
This saves a substantial amount of hay everyday. Click on the hay savings calculator at the bottom of the page to see how much you can save.  

Improved clearance and reach

The side discharge on the new X Series Chainless Bale Processors is 50% higher than the original Chainless series, and has 38% more side reach or clearance which makes it easier to load hay racks or bunks. 
Chainless vs X Series Chainless.jpg
Stronger drive system 

The only problem Malcolm had faced with the reliability of his ageing Chainless was the drive had worn and the bush for the input shaft often needed to be replaced. This is overcome in the new design where the main input shaft now runs on two large diameter sealed bearings that last the life of the feeder and don’t require frequent greasing.  
The new input drive shaft of the Chainless X2500
Bushless drive.jpg
Malcolm loading up his hay racks

Wistia video thumbnail - Chainless X2500 round and square bale feeder loading hay racks, Balclutha

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The ‘X SERIES’ Chainless advantage is available in both Trailed – the Chainless X5000 trailed 2 bale feeder, and Mounted – the Chainless X2500 bale processor, which now with the patented Snaplox connection system it can be mounted on a front end loader. 

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