New Dual Applicator Concept for Large Capacity Boom Sprayers

Published 20th September 2017

When time is limited, getting the job done quicker provides invaluable benefit for farmers and contractors in today’s busy farming environment. That’s why we’ve built this custom dual application system…

Recently delivered was this FOX 1500 boom sprayer with 16 metre hydraulic folding boom and a unique boom set-up which provided the farmer with flexibility in how he chooses to apply his fertilizer and chemical, depending on the weather conditions, product he’s applying, and what’s fit for purpose to get the job done accurately and in less time and in whatever the weather conditions are thrown at his spray program. 

Spray Accuracy 

For critical spraying jobs or when the wind picks up, the new concept allows the operator to use the standard nozzles of a conventional boom sprayer at 16 metres or partially folded when in operation on steep conditions at 8 metres. 

Broadcast Efficiency 

The design has been set up with three boomless nozzle jets for use in calm conditions or when applying liquid fertilisers or dissolved urea, and a simple system that allows the operator to easily switch between both applicators which covers up to 24 metres wide with just 16 metres of physical boom to keep an eye on.

The unique concept of this design gives the operator the choice of a third setting for breezy conditions where the end sections of the boom can be turned on to compensate for wind drift when applying fertilizers with the typical boomless nozzle jets. We’ve also built into the design a simple valve to switch between broadcast nozzle sizes to save time for the operator.

Take a look at this spray rig in action 


By applying liquid fertiliser with these broadcast nozzles at 24 metre swath widths, is equivalent to granular fertiliser spreaders, spreading at 42 metres! This is a serious time saver, on top of the countless benefits of liquid fertiliser vs granular fertiliser, and saves you having to own and maintain an extra piece of equipment.  

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