MixMax™ – the ultimate agitation system

Published 22nd September 2020

This week, host Oli Brunton describes Hustler’s MixMax™ agitation system and details all the benefits of this feature which comes standard on any Hustler Applic8r Boom Sprayer unit LX890 and above, and can be added onto to the Applic8r LX680 as well.


Hey guys, welcome back to this week’s episode. Today I’m going to be showing you how insanely tough Hustler’s tandem axles are with over 2,000 centimeters squared of pivot pin surface area and 100 millimeter diameter pins. These are the strongest axles on the market by miles and can hold up to 17 tonne. Also these axles have 15 degrees of oscillation, which is another industry best. As you can see, the pin is bolted on the outsides and fastened on the inside, so there’s no way these are floating out of the housing. The load is on the pins’ entire surface area, meaning you’re never going to have to repair an axle or replace a bush again. It also features 12,000 psi remote greasing, so you don’t have to get under the machine. Whether you ordered load cell scales or not, dummy load cells are installed so you have the choice to upgrade later on. Available in two different size hubs to fit six or eight stud wheels. Brakes are also an option on two or four wheels. Thank you for watching. Make sure you like and subscribe. I’ll see you on the next one.