8 Apps that Livestock Farmers use to make Smarter Farming Decisions

Published 18th September 2017

With the ever increasing use of smart phones as management tools down on the farm we take a look at 8 apps that help you farm smarter, easier and return greater profits to your bottom-line… 

GPS Fields Area Measure

  GPS Fields Area Measure- screenshot

Fields Area Measure is a smart tool for measuring areas or distance on the map. Once you place your points on the map you can then calculate the area between all points. 

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Agrimap is an easy to use app for farmers to take control of their operation from anywhere. Record and share anything about the farm on your searchable timeline instantly, share and record tasks. The farming app where teams collaborate to learn and plan for success.


Body Condition Scoring

  BCS Tracker- screenshot

Put out by DairyNZ, you can easily record and track cow body condition scores with the BCS Tracker app. The BCS Tracker allows you to score cows in the field on your smartphone and have ready access to the results, removing the hassle of recording BCS data on paper and then transferring it to a computer.

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FeedSmart App making feed management easier

FeedSmart helps farmers make instant and accurate decisions around feed management while they are in the paddock. 
The FeedSmart app brings together a raft of variables to give farmers instant information on nutritional requirements of different classes of livestock, feed values and feed allocation.

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 FarmIQ Mobile- screenshot thumbnail

FarmIQ mobile is the companion app for the FarmIQ Farm Management System, the sophisticated application built to deliver an all-of-farm view of your livestock practice, land usage and on-farm business operations. Includes tools for planning, comparing/benchmarking, health & safety and environmental planning.

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  Livestocked- screenshot

Livestocked is a better way to manage your livestock business online.
With a business first approach to livestock record keeping and farm management we understand you would prefer to be in the paddock and not in front of the computer. Our intuitive mobile interfaces help you manage your herd, semen & embryo inventory, sales and financials from your desk or out in the paddock! 

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 MobileID for Livestock- screenshot thumbnail

MobileID is an affordable solution to collect livestock identification information associated with RFID and bar-coded tags. Just install MobileID on your Android phone or tablet, pair with a wireless RFID reader and start scanning tags. Attributes such as age, sex, breed and other identification can also be collected. Data is saved in a format that can be shared immediately with business partners via e-mail or copied to your desktop computer. 

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  Dairy Farm Grazing Calculator- screenshot
The Grazing Calculator app provides a quick and easy way for dairy & beef farmers to calculate a number of common grazing, break feed and feed budgeting related equations. 

At Hustler we’re passionate about helping livestock farmers return greater profits for the hard work you put in day in and day out, so we’ve developed our own online feed savings calculator to make choosing the right feeding system easier. Take a look and see how much you can save.