French Farmer Saves Time and Back Ache with Bale Unroller on Loader

Published 13th September 2017

Are you looking for an easier way to feed your cattle indoors?  Take a look at what this Charolais Beef farmer located in France did to save time and the heavy labour of feeding cattle…  

Major breakthrough for indoor feedlots 

Beef farmers who house their cattle indoors, like this French Charolais farm, are seeing major benefits from Hustler’s SL360X loader mounted bale unroller for numerous reasons compared to the traditional ways of either using a pitch fork, bale slicer or silage grapple, such as:

  1. Feeding time cut from hours to just a few minutes
  2. No heavy manual labour causing back injuries
  3. Better visibility with the unroller on the front, there’s no need to turn around to see what you’re doing and less chance of damaging sheds or headbails
  4. Improved manoeuvrability, because the feeder can lifted over obstacles
  5. Less time loading, because the loader can reach the highest bale in the stack 
  6. Reduce feed waste and over feeding, with equal distribution giving cattle equal portions

Take a look at this SL360X with euro hitch, loader mounted to a New Holland tractor, feeding dry hay




What makes the SL360X bale unroller loader ready?

The patented Snaplox coupling system automatically engages and disengages the loading bale spears from the feeding cradle as it’s placed on the ground. This eliminates the need to tug on a rope, whilst juggling the crowd angle, and forward/reverser to disconnect the cradle from the spears! Self-loading,  self-connecting made simple, reliable and easy. Learn more about it here: