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Massive capacity and built for the large scale farmer or contractor, the Fox range is tough, has 3 spec levels of booms up to 28m which suit a wide range of applications and flexibility. Combine the Fox with an optional front tank and you get the capacity and maneuverability of a self propelled sprayer at a fraction of the cost

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  • Get your spraying done quicker with less traveling. The massive capacity of the Fox range and combined with the widest selection of booms available on the market today makes the Fox the obvious choice for most large scale farmers, contractors, vegetable growers and arable cropping operations.
  • Hub – the operators hub station on the Fox is second to none! All the controls are easy to read, compactly grouped and centrally located at the left hand side of the sprayer, this makes filling, cleaning, mixing quick, filter flushing, connecting quick and easy and with the folding ladder tank inspections are safe.
  • Booms – 12-28 metre options in side folding and 2 vertical folding configurations, they’re built tough, developed, tested and refined to handle New Zealand conditions. Nozzles are all fully protected inside the boom structure, the incorporate cutting edge suspension designs, and the folding pivots are cleverly designed to reduce flogging and support the boom better.
  • Attention to detail, the manufacturer has gone to great lengths to reduce any chance of downtime, such as the hose protection to eliminate chaffing, unique fasteners that are less prone to vibrating loose with flex, valves located in protected areas, valves located in close proximity of  the vital parts to reduce hosing and built in hose holders to name a few.
  • Twin turbo mixer agitators that are adjustable keep powders and thick chemicals in suspense and thoroughly mixed throughout the tank, and combined with the deep sump spraying on rolling and steep terrain reduces the chance of any stripey paddocks.


  • Tank size: 1200L, 1500L or 1800L (optional 1000L intergrated front tank)
  • Flushing tank: 150L
  • Hand washing tank: 20L capacity
  • Pump: 125L/min Comet pump (optional 171L/min or 235 L/min)
  • Controls: 5 section controls (optional Autorate upto 7 sections or GPS application/swath up to 10 sections)
  • Agitation: Twin venturi turbo mixer
  • Gauge: Centrally mounted dry level gauge
  • Lid: Hinged 455mm lid with basket strainer
  • Booms: 12 metre (optional 14, 16, 18 metre STD booms, 18-28 metre vertical fold HD booms and 18-24 metre side fold HD booms)


Patented boom lock

An integrated boom locking system allows you to spray single sided without the boom dropping on the ground and the boom remains suspended

Suspension dampeners

Booms suspension dampeners reduce the shock loading in the boom making it last longer. They’re designed to carry the load from the centre of the boom back into the mainframe where all the strength lies.

Protected nozzles

The nozzles are protected inside the boom structure from accidental knocks, which reduces downtime if you were to hit an obstacle

Hydraulic suspension

Booms suspension is reliable controlled with hydraulic accumulators


Greasable main pivots with replacable bushes on the Fox reduce changes of flogging.

Hub Centre

Hub – the operators hub station on the Fox is second to none! All the controls are easy to read, compactly grouped and centrally located at the left hand side of the sprayer, this makes filling, cleaning, mixing quick, filter flushing, connecting quick and easy and with the folding ladder tank inspections are safe.

Oil level

A remotely mounted oil sight gauge for the pump makes top up easy and it also easier to see what the level is

Inspection ladder

Makes inspecting inside the tank safe and easy, should you want to see the status of your brew

Twin turbo mixer

Twin adjustable Venturi turbo mixers are a must for mixing powders and other thick brews, and for keeping them thoroughly mixed throughout the tank

Protected hoses

All hoses with a potential for chaffing and causing downtime are wrapped in protective sleeving

Heavy duty

Large sections, and big gussets allows the new Fox chassis handle the demands of today’s farmer


3 dimensional breakaway protects the boom from vertical and both forward and reserve impacts


The Fox comes standard with 5 sectional controls all operated from the cab with a switch box. Optional Autorate spray computer is available to control up to 7 boom sections or the optional fully integrated GPS controller controls application and swath and gives you guidance

Level and pressure gauges

Centrally located dry level for easy viewing when filling or spraying will not cloud up with chemical and a large pressure gauge is also centrally located.

Extendable feet

Slide out the extendable feet for extra stability when parking the sprayer, slide in for spraying so that they don’t disturb the spray pattern

2″ filler

A 2″ cam lock filling port is located handily at the left hand side of the sprayer and uses the sprayers pump to fill.

Filling hose

The Fox comes with a 10 metre filling hose for remote filling from a water source

Flushing tank

Integrated into the tank design is a 150 litre flushing tank which makes flushing out the entire sprayer a breeze. And there’s a hand washing tank for clean up once your finished filling

Comet pump

Reliable and proven Comet pump. 125l/min for generous flow, and plenty of agitation. Optional pumps include 171L/min or 235L/min

What our customers are saying

“This boom is by far the best set-up I have come across to date – it has everything you could ever want and more”

Farm Trader Test, Taranaki (New Zealand) - Fox 1500

“Tank volume was number one because a lot of time is wasted filling up.”

Dairy farmer, Taupo (New Zealand) - Fox 1800

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