Introducing the new ErgoMax™ system

In this week’s episode, host Oli Brunton walks you through the main features of the all-new 20L capacity Ergomax™ induction hopper for Hustler’s Applic8r boom sprayer range. Easily pre-mix your powders, chemicals, fertilisers and more and save time with a bunch of cool, handy features.


Welcome back everyone, today I’ve got a really exciting new Hustler innovation for you. Tucked away in this tidy little compartment here is our new ErgoMax™ induction hopper system. And what this allows you to do is pre-mix any powders, chemicals, fertilizer and then transfer it straight into the main tank all from a convenient waist height. So first we’ve got this fully sealed lid that’s going to stop any dirt or dust from getting in and contaminating your spray. It’s got a 20 litre capacity and you can just pour and mix your solution straight into this bowl while filling your machine you can mix all your contents in a hopper and then inject it into your tank. It’s got a sluicing feature which rinses the inside of your bowl. It also has a nozzle at the bottom, which can blast through any granular powder that hasn’t been mixed into the tank and plus, it has a rinse nozzle so when you’re finished with a container you can wash out any residue. Conveniently mix all of your solutions right here within arm’s reach with the new Hustler ErgoMax™. Contact your local dealer to find out more, thanks for watching I’ll see you guys in the next one!