Upcoming Events in Germany; St. John’s Day 2017 (and more)..

Published 17th May 2017

Mark your calendars folks! Here are the upcoming events with our accredited dealer Walker-Technik of Schwieberdingen in Germany…

See displays and demos of the latest agricultural equipment including Hustler bale feeders, sprayers and many more.

Make sure to remember these dates:

Sunday, 25th of June: St. John’s Day 2017


18th – 21st of August : LandTageNord 2017

From the 18th to the 21st of August 2017, more than 600 exhibitors will be presenting products and services related to the core theme of agriculture and leisure on the approximately 130,000m² exhibition grounds. Visitors will be able to find information, exhibits and participatory activities in the fields of agriculture, construction, household, garden, car, pets, health and nutrition and the energy sector.





14th – 17th of September : MeLa Mühlengeez 2017

The exhibition MeLa Mühlengeez (Mecklenburg Agricultural Exhibition) is a trade exhibition for agriculture and food, fish farming, forestry, hunting and horticulture. More than 1,000 exhibitors present their products and services at MeLa Messe Mühlengeez. The range of products includes agriculture, food processing, seed and planting, energy and environmental technology, renewable raw materials, forest, forest fishing and hunting, as well as life and leisure. The exhibitors and active members of the MeLa Mühlengeez Messe (Mecklenburg Rural Exhibition) present a very good combination of animal sight, animal presentation, technical know-how and the experience of agriculture.


7th – 14th of October : Muswiese
Rot am See

The sign of the municipality Rot am See is the Muswiese in the suburb of Musdorf. It attracts thousands of visitors every year, five days in October, with its unique ambience of traditional customs and traditions. With its approximately 280 market stalls, the 140 feeders in the agricultural exhibition and the tent of the BDS-Wirtschaftsmesse (59 exhibitors), it is regarded as the largest open-air shopping center in Southern Germany.


Walker-Technik will be participating in these events and will be displaying Hustler Equipment bale feeders. Remember these dates and drop by to meet the team!

About Walker-Technik.de

Your reliable partner in CATTLE FARMING. Walker Technik was founded in Schwieberdingen in 1862. Meanwhile the company is run in the 5th generation at the same location. Since 1980, the company has specialized in machines used in cattle farming. As one of the first suppliers of feed mixing vehicles in Germany, the company Walker Technik has established itself in this sector. Since there is hardly any manageable number of manufacturers in this sector, Walker has specialized in the distribution and service of these machines for Germany. Various machines from all over the world are used to purchase selected machines throughout Germany. This creates the possibility to present a broad, high-quality machine portfolio.

About Hustler

Hustler’s mission is to design and build world-class equipment that rewards customers bottom-line and simplifies everyday life. We insist on understanding farmers’ needs better than anyone else, investing in our people to create an inspiring team that raises the bar in outstanding service to every single customer.

You can download our free bale feeding guide here.

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