Watch the Comby Feedout Wagon Feeding Fodder Beet

Published 18th May 2017
New Zealand

Devon Dairy Farms, located on the Hawea Flat of Central Otago near Wanaka, recently chose Hustler’s new Comby PR Series feedout wagon to handle their feeding duties which included feeder fodder-beet…

Their new 16m3 Comby PR was supplied through local Accredited Hustler DealerClaas Harvest Centre Wanaka, and was chosen for its versatility in feeding capabilities, being able to reliably feed any type or shape of bale, any type of silage, and any kind of root crop with ease.

Watch the video below to see it in action

Comby PR Feeding out a load of Fodder beet.jpg

Unique – Rear Pusher Blade

One of the unique features of the PR Series Comby feedout wagons, is the rear pusher blade, powered by a single hydraulic cylinder. This design replaces the rear floor chain drive setup, which is a great choice if you plan on feeding fodder-beet in the wagon, because it eliminates the chance of small beets getting caught under a chain or bar causing premature wear, thus reducing maintenance of downtime. 

Being powered by a single hydraulic cylinder provides more power, longer life and less moving parts to maintain than a chain driven alternative. 


Tilting Elevator

The hydraulic tilting elevator, standard on all Hustler’s Comby Feeder Wagons, makes them even more versatile, allowing the feed, be it grass, maize, bales, or beet to be accurately placed where the operator desires, be it: 

  • Under a hotwire to reduce waste or regulate intake
  • Into a trough, flexi-feeder or feed bunk to reduce trampling 
  • Into a hay ring or ring feeder to limit feed

By adjusting the angle from the comfort of your cab, the elevator can also be used to vary how much the forage is teased before being placed into the feeding windrow. 


Watch the Comby PR Feeding Fodder-Beet





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