Chainless X2500 Simplifies Feeding Balage to Sheep

Published 7th February 2017
United States

Brian O’Connor from Ohio is the happy owner of one of the very first Chainless X2500‘s delivered in the United States and very kindly sent in this video…

Brian is currently feeding 100 sheep and aims to double that in the short term, his new feeder being crucial to allowing him to grow, and what would previously have been a 2 person chore, can now be done very simply by yourself!

Before he purchased the Hustler, he would use round bales in a ring feeder and would have to fight sheep to get them out of his way in order to fill the feeder. Having the Hustler has allowed them to put in a feed alley, up beside the headbails which has substantially cut the time it takes to feed out, and can now have this done in 10 minutes. “Another very helpful part of our operation is using the Hustler to unroll a round bale inside the lambing barn so we can pile it up and feed to individual lambing jugs as needed. No more conventional square bales or trying to tear a round bale by hand for the individual jugs”. 


Now, feeding can happen in 10 minutes.

Our waste is not even measurable at this point

One person can now do the job that used to take at least two people”. 



More about the Chainless X2500

The Chainless X2500 is based on the proven feeding system of the Chainless X5000, which has gained a massive following in the New Zealand and Australian market already over the past 2 years, but being a 3-point-linkage mounted bale feeder, it offers more manoeuvrability, a solution for smaller farms, and those operating on steeper country is where it comes into its own.

In fact, it’s the only 3 point linkage mounted bale feeder that reliably feeds out any bale shape or type of bale without jamming, blocking or plugging. And the only bale feeder on the market to handle square bales, that can be loader mounted.  It’s Revolutionary…