Chainless X5000 replaces a TMR Mixer Wagon on this Ranch

Published 8th February 2017
United States

Tim Richards from Kentucky chose to replace an aging TMR mixer wagon with Hustler’s Chainless X5000 bale feeder for his indoor beef feedlot. Take a look at what he has to say about the conversion…

“Not only has it saved me an hour and ten a day,

I’ve also cut back a bale”


Photo Jan 29, 2 33 56 PM.jpg


Time Savings:

“When I used to use a vertical mixer to feed my cattle, it took me an hour and a half to feed out, (20 mins alone per bale to grind). Now I fed out with the Chainless X5000, yesterday and it took me 22 minutes”.

Feed Savings:

“It used to take 3 bales in the TMR to fill my troughs (because the TMR grinds the hay more and if the hay’s in front of the cows they’ll just eat it) and now I have cut back to 2 bales in the Chainless and it fills my troughs”

Fuel & Capital Savings:

“Now I don’t have to use 2 tractors, which had to run 1.5 hours every other day and has clocked up a lot of hours, also not having a PTO is great”

Tim choose to option his Chainless X5000 with the side chute to better place the feed in the troughs, and finds that “it works really well”. Adding that it not only has saved him more than an hour everyday, but has saved him 1 bale per day! Tim couldn’t be happier with his choice, so book yourself a demo on your own ranch to try it for yourself. 


Take a look at the video Tim very kindly sent to us: