Twin hose reels prove a winner on Hustler Sprayers

Published 6th February 2017
New Zealand

There’s not much to innovate on a hose reel, right? Wrong! Hustler’s bi-directional hose reel is saving operators some serious time, and that’s what won the game for a Southland farmer who took delivery of a Katipo sprayer fitted with twin hose reels…

The unique design of Hustler’s hose reel allows the operator to pull the hose directly out the back of the sprayer and out to the side. This saves a huge amount of time when winding up the hose. 
Designed on Hustler’s new Sprayer Configurator, which makes it simple and easy to create your ultimate sprayer 
Available in 30, 50 or 100 metre hose lengths, and a choice of spray guns to suit your needs. 


  • Built in reel lock – stops hose unwinding, or dragging on the ground when not in use
  • Folding design – save the operator time and hassle, when winding up the reel and allows spraying out the back or off to the side
  • Spray gun holder – keeps the spray gun secure during travel


Both hose reels can be positioned separately in either direction providing more flexibility of use


Built in lock secures the hose reels when not in use



The hose reel arm has a built in gun/lance holder which suits almost any type of spraying gun, and huge pins for longevity



The unique hose reel, is designed to fit any Hustler sprayer, both with or without booms