SL360X gets Hitched with a Bobcat

Published 12th August 2016
Unrolla LM105/LX105 (SL300X/SL360X)

Needing to add a bit of versatility to your feed out program? Mounting the new SL360X to a loader adds a whole new dimension to feeding out versatility. 

The SL360X is the only feeder on the market that can be fitted to a loader, due to the unique patented Snaplox auto connect/disconnect system which eliminates the need for a rope and the hassles that come with one. 

The latest loader mounts to be added to the range this week is the Skid loader/Bobcat hitch and are bolt-on to give added flexibility should you want to swap applications or loaders in the future.

Shown here an SL360X headstock getting assembled with Bobcat loading mounts.

This is just another one of the many unique points of difference that sets Hustler apart, and a future-proofing benefit you get when investing in a Hustler. It’s a reason why more farmers choose Hustler than any other brand. We do the rethinking everyday to save you the hassle.