Watch a Katipo Sprayer get built in under 3 minutes!

Published 16th August 2016

There’s many reasons that the Katipo sprayer range has taken the crown of ‘The most loved farmers sprayer of 2014-2015’ and we’re aiming to add another year 2016 to the list. One those reasons we’ve decided to reveal for you is the build quality, a point of difference you’ll get with every piece of Hustler farm machinery. So take a look at this timelapse of a Katipo Sprayer chassis being fabricated by one of Hustler’s passionate and talented robot operators Zane Campbell. 

Zane finds there’s a lot of job satisfaction in building from scratch farm machinery that will find its home on a farm somewhere around the globe and the very fact that for at least the next 4,380 days will save that farmer time, money and make his or her everyday tasks easier. 


“It’s rewarding to see the feedback coming in,

on something you’ve built from scratch, from

farmers who use our products everyday” 

It’s that accountability which ensures we build only the very best equipment on earth!

Please congratulate Zane in comments at the bottom of this post for showing us his craftmanship.

LX200 4 year warranty

By robotically welding our products you can be assured the quality and accuracy of Hustler products are on a whole new level compared to other brands, and just another reason we can provide you with a full 4 Year Warranty for added peace of mind!