This farmer purchased a second X5000, just 3 weeks after his first!

Published 15th July 2016

When investing in Hustler’s flagship balefeeder it’s not a quick decision for some, but when Ian Dickson of¬†Milawa, Victoria brought his first Chainless X5000 he was so impressed that¬†in just¬†3 weeks¬†he was walking through the door of his local Hustler dealer to get his¬†second Chainless X5000.

Ian is breeding and fattening cattle for the Coles Supermarket and between the two¬†Chainless X5000 bale feeders¬†he’s feeding 18 square hay bales of rye grass per day,¬†to his breeder cattle in the pastures. ¬†For the fattening cattle on the feedlot Ian has 2¬†TMR’s for mixing and¬†feeding grain and supplements which both operate¬†full time everyday.¬†


“we were very happy with the first one,

it made the job a lot easier so

we thought we’d buy another one”


Local Accredited Hustler Dealer, McGregor Machinery based in Wangaratta are pleased to have supplied the Dicksons with their new Chainless X5000 bale feeders, and provide the full supply, back up and service of the Hustler range of Bale feeders, Sprayers, and Softhands.  

So why did Ian like it so much? He found that:

  • It’s very easy to use and takes very little staff training, and his staff like using it.
  • It spreads his square bales out over a longer distance with a more even spread, reducing waste and giving¬†more cattle¬†access to the feed.¬†
  • It was ideal for his wet, rugged conditions because the¬†hay is fluffed up and sits on top of the grass, keeping it out of the mud.
  • It’s built very robust, which is important for such a high performing farm, they simply cannot afford to have any downtime.¬†

Watch Ian tell us about his feeder.