Genius Sprayer a dream to use

Published 25th July 2013
New Zealand

James Collet recently purchased a Spraysmart Genius sprayer to assist him with his spraying needs on his 600ha sheep & beef block in the Wairau Valley in Marlborough. His older sprayer was a 600 litre with a 10 metre manual boom which was proving to be very time consuming for the 150ha+ spraying per year that James does. James started researching his many options and narrowed it down to the Spraysmart ‘Genius’ model. This model ticked the boxes, 1000 litre tank, 12 metre fully hydraulic boom, complete with the optional Auto Rate controller and induction hopper plus the Raven Cruiser GPS which Hustler also distributes.

This ‘beast’ James says has seen him save 30-40% of his precious time. Faster mixing of the product as the Genius has a Venturi Agitator, faster filling of the chemicals with the use of the induction hopper “which I rate very high,” says James. This feature makes it easy to use and less chance of getting chemicals on yourself. “I thought the salesman was just trying to get me to spend more! But having this feature I can really see the benefits and I wouldn’t be without it”. ‘

“The Sprayer is a dream to use – I use to groan having to go spraying, now it’s a pleasure. The auto rate controller is great meaning I am able to drive at different speeds and the sprayer will maintain it’s application rate, important when you are spraying on flat to steep land varying speeds of 4-11km around 200l ha”.

“I find the Winglift on the boom excellent for me especially when some of the ground I work, it is questionable whether you should be out there,” says James with a smile. James has this on the back of his JD 6810 which handles it well. “I like the GPS too, I’d far rather use this than foam – it does get quite windy up here in the valley”.