Nozzle Maintenance

Published 31st October 2013
New Zealand

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Nozzle wear cannot be easily detected as it does not visibly change jet shape. What changes are the flow rate and spraying (e.g. in flat or full cone nozzles, wear causes flow increase in the middle area of the fan). For these reasons, nozzle flow rate should be regularly checked by comparing the given value with the flow rate value of new nozzles of the same type.

Nozzle replacement is usually recommended if current flow rate is 10% higher than nominal rate. For a longer nozzle useful life, it is recommended for the nozzle to be flushed and the circuit to be fully washed at the end of the spraying job, so as to minimize the risk of scales and blockages. Do not use pointed tools to remove any blockages from nozzle holes as they will surely cause serious damage. Use suitable detergents (also a brush can be of help, as well as a compressed air).

Let’s see what happens if a worn nozzle sprays a product amount increased by 10%: if a 500-hectare area is sprayed, we will waste an amount of chemical enough to spray further 50 hectares! It is therefore obvious that regular nozzle check and replacement ensure both optimal spraying jobs and remarkable cost saving.