Adrian Williams, Mid Wales, UK – SL-350

What our customers are saying

  • “We think the world of the SL-350, we feed between 7-800 bales per year through it to our suckler beef herd. I would say at a guess that we have owned our machine for at least 6 years which means we’ve fed out approximately 4-5000 bales, we only use rounds. Length, width of the machine is perfect for operation and all our feeding is done indoors, alongside feed barriers.”

    “We have never had to replace any parts, I asked my father and he said the only thing he can remember going wrong was a ‘grub screw’ on one of the bearings came loose. We mostly feed over the right hand side of the machine, because I am right handed and control levers are on the right of tractor cab, so prefer to do it my way. Although the Bales will still unwind if they are on the wrong way around, but it just takes a little longer.”

    “As I said, it’s a brilliant machine, we could never be without it since we changed over to all Round Bales, from pit silage.”


    Adrian Williams, Mid Wales, UK - SL-350
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