Rob Weaver

Production Manager

Coming to Hustler in 2001 with a background in meat processing, customer service, stock control and ordering, Rob was an immediate fit for our purchasing and parts division.

Within two years, his hard work and commitment saw him made the production co-ordinator for our purchasing and parts division.  Soon after, Rob also took the role of Customer Service and Operations Manager/Production Manager for our hydraulic division.

As of 2015, he is now the Operations/Production Manager for the Hustler Group.

Rob holds qualifications in environmental studies, is a lean manufacturing practitioner and strongly believes in the principles of continuous improvement.

What this means for our customers is that he is highly dedicated to bringing you a product that is not produced wastefully or thoughtlessly.  Rob makes sure that the products you buy from Hustler are the result of rigorous testing and value-based design.

This means that the next time your X5000 Balefeeder helps you get the job done a bit faster, it’s because Rob makes sure that our customers get only the very best products on the market.

His strong customer focus and team driven work ethic are one of the reasons Hustler is where it is today.

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