Farm Equipment Videos

Watch farm machinery at work. The latest Hustler farming equipment being put to the test by farmers all across the world for your viewing pleasure in these farm equipment videos.

Adam Atkinson, South Devon(UK) – Combi CM136

“Everything we got from Hustler is well built and simple and we won’t have to replace it for a very long time”

Russell & Gary Nevill, Moa Creek(New Zealand) – Chainless TX205

“It takes the guess-work out of setting up a bale correctly on the bed.”

Craig Smith, Manawatu(New Zealand)-Combi CM116

“Buying a Hustler is the best decision I’ve made”

Ted & Jed Miller, Baskin (Louisiana, US)-Chainless X5000/TE205

“We’ve been impressed, as we just haven’t done anything to the feeder other than routine maintenance. No repair work on this machine unlike other brands we’ve had,”

Mark Tapley, South Canterbury (New Zealand)-Silage Wagon SF1500

“It’s robust, solid and well built. It’s going to be very hard for us to break it”

Gerard Coll, Timaru (New Zealand) – Chainless LX104

“I don’t know what the parts system with Hustler is like, because I never had to use it. That’s what I like.”

Clinton Fawthorpe, Clydevale (New Zealand)- Combi RX148

“We switched to the Hustler Combi feeder because of the reputation it’s got to be very durable and the Chainless floor to minimise breakdowns.”

Clay Chattaway, Alberta (Canada) – Chainless X5000/Trailed Chainless TX205

“Maintenance-free is an efficiency that we’re always looking for and Hustler seems to be able to provide that. It looks like it will have a fairly long life.”

Hustler Applic8r mounted boom sprayer range

With the industry’s best warranty, unique best in class agitation and mixing, toughest design on the market, user-friendly low profile tanks, installation and training – with a Hustler boom sprayer, you’re covered.

Chainless Explainer Video

Learn about how Hustler's Chainless range of bale feeders simplify feeding cattle

Unrolla Explainer Video

Learn about how Hustler's Unrolla range of bale unrollers simplify feeding cattle

Raw footage of the Hustler new Combi RX178

Raw footage of the Hustler NEW COMBI RX178 laying down a near-perfect, continuous windrow of Maize/Corn silage.

Scott Simmons, Ontario (Canada) – X2500/Chainless LX105

Scott is a horse farmer on 90 acres in Ontario. Watch this video to see how he switched his most hated chore into pleasure and how his dream came to life. As Scott says "we brought it to save hay, but in the grand scheme of things it also improved the quality of life for the horses".

Bryan Tucker, Greytown (New Zealand) – LM100 Softhands®

After several disappointing experiences with other brand bale grabs, Bryan Tucker settles for Hustler Softhands.

Paul Robottom, Pendlehill Station (New Zealand) – Chainless LX104

Paul needs good equipment, that gets the job done efficiently and hassle-free, for which he’s trusted in Hustler equipment to help him achieve more every day over the past 30 years.

Bruno and Daniel Batard, Saint-Aybert (France) – CH2000/Chainless X2000

Bruno and Daniel Batard are two brothers who run a dairy and beef farm in France, feeding out more than a thousand bales a year. Used to feeding out their livestock by hand, they have now owned a Hustler Chainless bale feeder for five years and it has been a real game-changer for their operation. Watch this video to find out why!

Justin Bennett, North Canterbury (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150

Recently our team visited North Canterbury to find out 4 years later how JCB contracting’s Hustler Katipo 1150 Boom Sprayer had held up to some of North Canterbury’s toughest terrain. Running a contracting business and 944ha farm Justin purchased his sprayer back in 2016…

Ben Maile, Tasmania (Australia) – X5000/Chainless TE205

When Ben Maile switched from his old bale feeder to a Hustler Chainless TE205, he noticed a dramatic change in feed efficiency and cut his feed waste by 20%.

David Barban, French Alps (France) – XR1500/Chainless SX105

David Barban farms sheep in the French Alps. During winter, his ewes are housed indoor and David invested in a Hustler stationary Chainless bale feeder SX105 to unwind his bales into feed conveyors, making him able to do the job all by himself quickly and efficiently.

German Family, Strackholt (Germany), SL360X/Unrolla LX105

We’re in Strackholt, Germany visiting a small family run farming business and learn how the nutrition of a 35 cow dairy herd is optimized with the help of a Hustler SL360X (Unrolla LX105).

Adam Grabenstein, Nebraska (United States) – X2500/Chainless LX105

Adam Grabenstein, a 5th generation Rancher and Ag Producer from Eustis, South Western Nebraska had to make some important decisions about the way he was operating his business. We visited Adam and are eager to hear how the Hustler Chainless X2500 helped Adam to work smarter – not harder, when it was time to give priority to his health.

Pat O’Connor, New South Wales (Australia) – Mega Comby

Running a total of 32,000 sheep, Oxton Park in New South Wales, a sheep and grain property is supplementary feeding 50 ton of fine chopped silage each day with a round trip of 7kms per load. We caught up with Pat O’Connor to see why he switched to the Hustler Combi feeder…

Paul Besnier, Retiers (France) – SL300X/Unrolla LM105

“I save about 45 minutes to 1 hour a day with my Hustler bale feeder.”

Paul Lightoller, Taranaki (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150

“With the Katipo sprayer being 1150 litres, it allows us to fill up once and then having to cover a large area before having to refill.”

Turn your large, round bales into cold, hard cash

Hustler Chainless balefeeders can help process your large, round bales into up to 22 small squares - allowing you to more than double their value.

Peter Russell, Lyndhurst (Australia) – Chainless X5000

Peter found a way to cut down on his feed waste by 30%

Awanui Station, Hawkes Bay – Combi CM106

Awanui Station has been pioneering growing fodder beet in New Zealand for their cattle in the 1990s. See why they rely on their Hustler Combi CM106 for feeding.

Bill Garland, Maungatautari, NZ – Chainless 2000

18-year old Hustler chainless bale feeder is still going strong on New Zealand farm

Ian Dickson, Milawa (Australia) – Chainless TE205

Like much of eastern Australia, Milawa is currently in drought. Ian’s two Hustler X5000 bale feeders have shaved thousands of hours off his feeding operations and made the process safer and more streamlined.

Bill Fales, Carbondale (USA) – Chainless TE205

A turning point for Bill was when he experienced a Hustler X5000 Bale processor. Saving him hay, easy to use and feed out an even windrow without destroying the Alfalfa leaves. Bill's says, his calves can utilise the forage better when feeding out with a Hustl

Drausin Wulsin, Ohio (USA) – Chainless TE205

Drausin is a grass farmer that raises organic milk, 100% grass fed beef and lamb, Pastured chicken, Pork and Pastured eggs. The Hustler Bale unroller  has relieved Drausin's physical strain, saving him time and has made it possible to overcome the challenges of being able to feed anywhere on the farm. 

Karl Schaberreiter, Strallegg (Austria) – Unrola LX105

Karl Schaberreiter runs a small 11-hectare dairy farm with around 20 cows in Strallegg, Austria. Straining themselves and having a lot of downtime due to this, they needed a better solution. That’s why they decided to purchase a Hustler SL360X Bale Feeder

Tom Wilson, Australia – Combi CX208

Tom Wilson manages Salt Creek Merino Stud, which currently has 18,000 lambs on his farm. Having previously needed 2 feed out wagons to keep them all fed, find out how he cut up to 21 km's a day off their feeding routine.

Christopher and Samuel Spoerer, Chile – Chainless 4000

Meeting up with dairy farmers Christopher and Samuel Spoerer, located near La Comuna Puyehue to see how their 5-year-old Chainless 4000 bale feeder was performing, and to no-surprise going extremely well.

Combi Spread

The patented Combi Spread attachment can be fitted to any bale feeder, silage wagon or Combi wagon and has been designed especially for spreading causmag, lime flour or minerals directly onto the row of feed.

It’s all in the testing here at Hustler

We develop our equipment based on input from the people who use our machines. Without giving up the golden egg, here is a sneak preview of what our testing entails on making Hustler machines world's best!

SL360X’s Brutal Snaplox Field Testing

A new video has emerged of Hustler's brutal field testing of their patented Snaplox auto connect/disconnect system on the new SL360X bale feeder in a dam. Take a look

CF1250 is the Silage Wagon solution for one of New Zealand’s most innovative farms

Are you getting the most out of your farm? Find out why one of the most innovative farms in New Zealand chose Hustler's new CF1250 silage wagon with Comby Spread to innovate their livestock feeding system. Is this New Zealand's Most Innovative and Diverse Farm?

Andrew Ferguson (USA) – Chainless TE205

Andrew Ferguson has been out on the ranch all his life, now running 1600 cattle he knew there must be a better way to feed their hay. Watch this latest episode of Out There in Hustler Country to see what Andrew discovered...

Peter Pelster (USA) – Chainless TE205

Find out why Peter Pelster a Ranch owner and Farm Machinery Dealer from Nebraska secured the Hustler livestock feeding equipment agency for his area after running a Chainless X5000 Bale Processor on his own ranch for 3 years

Paul Bevan, Hawkes Bay (New Zealand) – Softhands LX200

We find out from Paul Bevan a beef farmer and contractor in the Hawkes Bay why he prefers the genuine Softhands® from Hustler over others and why's he has not needed to update them in 5 year

Fischbach (Austria) – Unrola LX105

We visit a farmer located in Fischbach, Austria, to find out how his Hustler SL360X bale unroller has given an enormous work relief on his farm.

Paul Cathcart, New Zealand – SF1750 Silage Wagon

Paul Cathcart manages a 2,000-acre dairy farm in Hedehope, Southland, milking 1,200 cows. We met up with Paul to find out why he chose Hustler's SF1750 silage wagon...

Softhands LM100 Benefits

Find out why more farmers are choosing Hustler Softhands, than conventional Bale grabs.

Martin Jones – Chainless LM104

See how 100% pure Angus beef farmer reduced his feedout labour with Hustler's all new Chainless X2000 round and square bale feeder. And why he chose Hustler after 6 years of reliablitity with his Hustler Softhands

Mark Mawhood, Australia – Chainless LX104

When Oberon’s Mark Mawhood saw his shy feeders and calves missing out on access to feed at the hay rings, and subsequently losing condition, he found the answer he needed in the Hustler Chainless X2400 bale feeder.

James Bishop, Bando Station (Australia) – Combi CM106

Find out how Bando Station, located in Mullaley NSW survive a severe 2year drought and why farm manager James Bishop chose to invest Hustler's new Super Comby feed out wagon with the optional grain feeding attachment

Jeff Green, South Australia – Chainless TE205

Jeff Green runs a dairy operation at Hindmarsh Tiers, on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. He calves down 300 cows a year and milks on a year-round basis

Chatsworth House (Australia) – Combi CM106

Having fed 2,800 tonnes of silage and 250 bales in just 6 weeks, find out what Chatsworth House are raving about their new Hustler Super Comby EX feed out wagon after switching from a TMR mixer wagon...

Sheldon Reed, Darfield (New Zealand) – Unrola LX105

Why does Sheldon Reed, a farmer in Darfield love his SL360X? We caught up with Sheldon to find out how his new Hustler Bale Feeder has helped out on his farm.

Elmar Stuff, Germany – Unrola LX105

Compact loaders are the all the rave for feeding cattle indoors, especially when coupled with Hustler's SL360X round bale, balage processor, ask Elmar Stuff why!

One of the Secrets Behind the World’s Best Bale Feeder – Chainless TE205

We'd like to share just one of the secrets behind why farmers simply can't get enough of the latest X Series Chainless round and square bale processors that literally handle any type of bales.

Sand Hills, Nebraska (USA) – Chainless TE205

Ranchers in the Sand Hills of Nebraska are switching from traditional methods of feeding Cattle and are blown away with the results they're achieving from their new low disturbance Hustler bale feeder

Heinrich Plaas-Beisemann (Germany) – Unrola LX105

Compact loaders are the all the rave for feeding cattle indoors, especially when coupled with Hustler's SL360X round bale, balage processor, ask Heinrich Plaas-Beisemann why!

X5000 upgrades

One of our New Zealand territory managers, Nigel, talks about the X5000 upgrades

Bill Davey, Canterbury (New Zealand) – Chainless TE205

"During the winter months these machines get a lot of hard work, that machine is built to with stand those conditions" 

Matt Fryer Tests Hustler’s New SwiftHitch – NZ

Hustler’s New Swift Hitch provides the operator with better visibility, more manoeuvrability and easier connecting than any tow bar quick hitch on the market which makes it easier to use, and saves your precious time. And it doesn’t stop there… Watch this video!

Swifthitch – The world’s best trailer quick hitch

With Hustler always re-thinking the everyday, how can you not jump at this great innovative product!

Ashley Rowe, South Australia – Unrola LX105

Ashley Rowe is a fourth-generation beef and cattle producer farming 2800 acres at Ardrossan and Arthurton on South Australia’s picturesque Yorke Peninsula.

NC Equipment – Hustler Master Dealer

NC Equipment is your preferred supplier of assured quality brands, trusted experience and world-class service solutions to the farmers and contractors of New Zealand and beyond.

David King, Mid-Canterbury (New Zealand) – Chainless TE205

How long should feeding your cattle take?

David George, Ireland – Unrola LX105

David found it exceedingly time-consuming using the hand gripe for feeding his cattle. So, looking at all the solutions for feeding his cattle and in search of the best option for his operation. David came across the New Hustler SL360X bale feeder he couldn't look back.

John Drent – Katipo 1150

Why are so many farmers switching to Hustler for their boom sprayers

Mulvey Gulch Ranch – Combi CM136

We visit 86,000 acre Mulvey Gulch Ranch to find out how they safely feed square alfalfa bales and silage bales to their cattle without processing the hay too much

Mike (Ireland) – Unrola LX105

Feeding bales in Ireland comes with its own unique set of challenges, we meet with up Mike to find out about his farm, and how he's making better use of time and eased his workload

Walter Wichman (USA) – Chainless TE205

feeding bales with a Hustler Chainless X5000 bale feeders without removing the net-wrap

Shawn Boyer (New Zealand) – Silage Wagon

Why are dairy farmers like Shawn Boyer switching to Hustler Silage Wagons?

Sarah Salsbury, Montana (USA) – Chainless TE205

What does Sarah Salsbury love about her 3 seasons old Chainless X5000 feeder? And why wasn't she impressed her Dad's traditional bale?

Switching from TMR to Hustler (UK) – Unrola LX105

This UK based farmer reduces infections in his cattle, and improved their health by switching from TMR Mixer wagon to Hustler SL360X round bale feeder

Combi Chain Feedout Wagon, Taranaki, New Zealand

Following the trend of farmers all over the globe switching from TMR Mixer Wagons to Comby feeders, we decided to visit a large-scale dairy farm in the Taranaki region to hone in on why they choose the largest Mega Comby XL...

Combi CX178 Feeds 12 Round Balage Bales per Load

Find out how this well-known dairy farm feeding 4,000 cows, cut feed waste by switching from loose silage to baled silage, and how it maximized their profitability

Chainless LM104 & LX104 Round and Square Balefeeders

Watch the all new Chainless series, X2000 & X2400 perform!

Jordon Watts, Gisborne (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150L Sprayer

Take a look why one of New Zealand’s most diverse horticultural businesses, growing approximately 3,500ha of fresh produce each year choose a Hustler sprayer

Richard Shearer (Scotland) – Chainless 2000

Richard Shearer is a beef cattle farmer on the Orkney Isle, near Kirkland in the far North of Scotland. Located at 59 degrees North the climate has vicious extremes, both cold and windy, a reason why his cattle are housed indoors during the winter...

Irongate Wagyu (Australia) – Combi CM136

Irongate Wagyu produce the finest Wagyu beef. Find out why 30-year beef cattle veteran Mark James chose Hustler's unique Super Comby silage & bale feeder wagon

Mike Moretti, California (USA) – Chainless TE205

Watch Mike Moretti from California feeding out with his Chainless X5000 Bale Processor

Luke Carr, Comobella (Australia) – Chainless LX105

With drought impacting large areas of New South Wales, keeping stock healthy at the lowest possible cost is a top priority for producers.

Glenn Anderson, Tasmania (Australia) – Chainless TE205

See how Glenn Anderson and his family, who run a Gelbvieh & Murray Grey Stud, overcame feed shortages

Watch Hustler’s Tough 12 Tonne – Tip Trailer

If you're looking for a new tip trailer in the 6-12 tonne range, Find out why you should make sure it's a Hustler

Hustler’s New Tip Trailer Range

Built for the toughest farming conditions

Fox 1500 Dual Boom Spraying Concept

When time is limited, getting the job done quicker provides invaluable benefit for farmers and contractors in today's busy farming environment. That's why we've built this custom dual application system...

Combi feeder saves extra trips to the field

Layered bales in comby feeder saves our farmers extra trips to the field

Comby PR Series Feedout Wagons

Watch the Comby PR Series, with rear pusher blade in action feeding out grass silage with Causmag spread on top.

Telehandler mounted Chainless LX105

Check out the amazing versatility of Hustler's Chainless X2500 bale feeder when mounted to a Manitou telehandler, operating on this horse stud. No need to open gates to deliver hay or balage, and no more need for small squares than the handling challenges that come with them.

Graeme Russell, NSW (Australia) – Chainless TE205

Chainless TE205 bale feeder with Comby Spread causmag spreader. Graeme Russell, NSW, Australia

Warick Harward, Golden Bay (New Zealand) – Chainless TE205

Dairy Farmer, Warwick used to be a hay & silage contractor, now he's a dairy farmer, find out why he chose the Chainless TE205 bale processor for his farm...

Neil Molina, Geraldine (New Zealand) – SF1750 Silage Wagon

Neil Molina from Geraldine, New Zealand needed to save time on his busy dairy farming operation, with feeding cattle consuming a fair bit of his day, take a look at what he discovered...

John Maloney, NSW (Australia) – SL350

Check out how happy those cows are! With their new Hustler SL350 bale unroller. 3rd Generation Australian dairy farmer recently split of 100 acres of his dairy farm and converted to a beef operation on the back of high Australian Beef prices.

Dave McFadzien, Southland (New Zealand) – Unrola LX105

Dave McFadzien, Southland - Unrola LX105 Bale feeder

David McFadzien, Southland (New Zealand) – Front mounted Unrola LX105

Dave wanted one machine that he could mount on both the front loader of his Fendt, and the rear 3 point linkage, to allow him to unroll the correct amount into his hay rack and for general feeding out on the pasture. After a hunt of the market and considering 6 brands, Dave settled on Hustler's all new SL360X bale feeder - Find out why

Philippa Joblin, Ruapuna (New Zeland) – Chainless TE205

Watch farm girl Pip Joblin, who came from an office job & had to figure out how to use a Chainless TE205 bale processor all by herself.

Sam Richards, South Africa – Chainless TE205

Bale Processor - See what Sam Richards, from South Africa has to say about his Chainless TE205 bale feeder

Hamish Andreassend, Hakataramea Valley (New Zealand) – SF1250 Silage Wagon

Hamish Andreassend, Hakataramea Valley - SF1250 Silage Wagon

Euan Douglas, Cheviot (New Zealand) – Chainless TE205 Demo

Demo on our Chainless TE205, Euan Douglas is absolutely rapt with its performance

Scott Charmley, Dannevirke (New Zealand) – Chainless TE205

Scott Charmley runs a dairy farm in Dannevirke, and is feeding out with a Chainless 4000 round & square bale feeder, his father purchased in 2007. We find out how he gets 4 days of feeding done in just an hour, taking 6 bales per load See the Full Story

Telehandler Mounted Chainless LX105

Check out the amazing versatility of Hustler's Chainless LX105 bale feeder when mounted to a Manitou telehandler, operating on this horse stud.

Richard & Mark Chrystall, Taihape (New Zealand) – Katipo 1150 Sprayer

Everyone wants a contractor when there's a spraying window, you're at the mercy of their work load! Watch this video to see why this farmer chose a Hustler boom sprayer

Nick Bertram, Manawatu (New Zealand) – SL350 and Katipo Sprayer

Nick Bertram, Manawatu - SL-350 and Katipo Sprayer

Steve Synclair, Stony Creek – Chainless TE205

Watch this video to see what it takes to keep this one man operation going year round

Steve Synclair, Stony Creek – Katipo 1150

Watch this video to see what Steve Synclair loves about his new Katipo sprayer and why he would hesitate to recommend the Hustler boom sprayer

Loading the Unrola TE205

Watch this tutorial on how to load an Unrola TE205 bale feeder with ease

Andrew Clement, Taranaki (New Zealand) – Chainless TE205

Andrew Clement, demonstrating how ease X2500 Hustler Bale feeder feeds out

Doug Hanks, Stony Creek (Australia) – Unrola TE205

Doug milks 440 dairy cows and runs 300 head of beef cattle in Stony Creek, after having tried most brands of feedout cart in the past and found them unreliable he thought he'd give Hustler a go. Watch the video to see what he has to say 5 years down the track

Graeme Nicholl, Fish Creek, Australia – Super Combi

Some 10 years ago, when Graeme Nicoll, was getting set up with pit silage, he was looking for a 18-20cbm feedout wagon, when he settled on Hustler's Comby System, he discovered he only needed a 10cbm wagon! Now he's purchased his second Super Comby...

Larry Wetting, Galatea – SF1250 Silage Wagon

Larry Wetting a farmer in Galatea shows us how he feeds out with his SF1250

SF1750 Silage Wagon

Product video, showing a SF1750 feeding our with ease

Feeding Fodder Beet with a Combi RX136

Demonstrating our Comby PR series feeding out fodder beet

Jason Hodgson (Scotland) – SL350

Jason Hodgson a beef farmer in Stirling, Scotland, feeding over 500 bales a year, watch his video

Andrew Gordon (Scotland) – Unrola TE205

Andrew Gordon, farmer in Scotland feeding 200 heifer cattle, See how his Hustler is saving him time and money

Chainless LX105 Product Video

The next generation of feeders!

Unrola LM105 Product Video

Watch our all new SL300X in action!

Phillip Harper, Carew (New Zealand) – Chainless TE205

Phillip Harper a farmer in Carew, Mid-Canterbury, Feeding out square and round bales to his cattle

Manuka Farms (Chile) – Combi CM136

Manuka Farms is milking 26,000 cows in Chile and rely on Super Comby EX feedout wagon from Hustler.

Bergan Maskinsalg AS (Norway) – Unrola LX105

Watch how this farmer in Norway manages with his Unrola LX105

Cristopher Ibarra R (Chile) – Unrola TE205

We are in the estate of Anima la Pampa in the Purranque sector, Crucero. We owned this machine about 3 years ago

Auction Barn, North Dakota (USA) – Unrola LX105

DEMO - Skid Loader mounted SL360X Bale Feeder, Auction Barn, North Dakota

Chainless TE205 feeding out square bales – Raw footage

Watch our Chainless feed out Square bales with ease!

Loading TMR with SL360X

See how a SL360X easily feeds into a TRM mixer

Lance Larsen, North Dakota – SL360X

Lance Larsen is rapt with his new Hustler SL360X Feeding out in the snow with ease

SL450X Demonstration

Watch our SL450 Feeding our into troughs

Darryl Oliver, Galatea – Katipo 1150

Great Sprayer! Flow rates are accurate and real easy to use.

Brian O’Connor, Ohio – Chainless X2500

Brian O'Connor a farmer in Ohio absolutely rapt about his NEW X2500

Tim Richards, Kentucky – Chainless X5000

Tim Richards, from Kentucky replaced his vertical TMR mixer wagon with Hustler's Chainless X5000 bale feeder for his indoor beef feedlot.

Scale Model Chainless X5000

Another World First from Hustler, a Scale Model Chainless X5000 Balefeeder!

Silage Wagon Range

Watch our Silage wagon range video, showing how versatile our feedout wagons are

Brad McNish – Kamloops, BC – Chainless X5000

Brad McNish from Kamloops, BC feeds his cattle 300 Alfalfa bales each year. When the time came for him to replace his worn out bale processor, which was self destructing, due to all the vibrations and fatigue, he turned to Hustler. Take a look at Brad explaining the difference in hay quality of his Alfalfa bales once processed with his Hustler...

The SL360X in Switzerland


Hay Ring Comparison

How many bales does it take to fill a ring feeder?

TMR Mixer Wagon

Previously a farmer from Finland could only get 6 bales into his TMR Mixer wagon, until he got Hustler's loader mounted SL360X. Now he can comfortably fit 7!

Lynn White, Louisiana – SL360X with Global Hitch

Lynn White purchased a Hustler SL360X, with Global Hitch brackets so he could mount it on the front loader of his John Deere, and within weeks of him using the bale feeder for unrolling bales into his hay racks, he went from 4 rolls every other day, down to 3 rolls every other day on 40 pair cow calf groups. Thanks for the video Lynn!

Tuatahi Station, Turangi – Fox 1800 Sprayer

Watch our Fox 1800 sprayer in action on Tuatahi Station in Turangi

Lisa Tahau, Katipo Sheep Jetter, Titiokura Station

Lisa Tahua, A sheep farmer finds the Katipo user friendly on their farm, she is able to use it with ease, watch her story

Comby Feeders – Fingertip Control

Comby feeders with total control, see how in this tutorial

Grain Feeding System – Feedout Wagons

Get a grain feeder attachment on your feedout wagon today

Michael Groome, Hawke’s Bay – Super Comby

Check out the rave in this NEW VIDEO, Thanks Michael! See how Michael leveraged Feedbunks, loader scales and the Super Comby's optional feedpad kit to cut his maize silage consumption by 30% in the wetter months of winter. Full case study coming soon

Mike Symons, Otago – Katipo 1150

Mike Symons a farmer from South Otago, see what he has to say about his sprayer

Queensland farmer replaces Chainless 4000 with X5000

Queensland farmer had his Chainless X5000 for 6years saved his back and is reliable

Chainless X5000 Testimonial, Queensland, Australia

With the drought, our Chainless X5000 has been convenient to feed out to his sheep.

Brent Growcott, Katipo 890 & Chainless X5000

Brent Growcott, a farmer from North Otago, see what he has to say about Hustlers Equipment on his farm

Robert Bishop, Taranaki, SL360X

Check out the new SL360X in action on Robert's farm.

Hustler’s SonicBoom Testing

Our Sonic boom is Tough, reliable and a proven performer

SonicBoom – Wing Lift

Check out our Sonic boom, wing lift in this video

Recent Super Comby Demo Days

Check out our Super Comby in action

Matt Tuckwiller, West Virginia – Bale Unroller Comparison

Watch what Matt says about the benefits of the Chainless X5000 over the Unroller.

Scott Merieka, Wisconsin – Chainless X5000

For Scott Merieka the difference the Chainless X5000 has made to his operation in Wisconsin has been amazing!

Stuart Bowie – Super Comby

This farmer is rapt with the Super Comby after borrowing it off his neighbour!

Snaplox – Patent-pending hands-free auto connect/disconnect loading system

Got 94 seconds? We'll show what is so amazing about our new patented Snaplox feature on the all new SL360X bale feeder. Changing the game. Again.

Hustler’s unique ‘Hay-Buffet’ feeding system.

Providing farmers and ranches with the world's best livestock feeding system.

Self-loading Demonstration

Hustler's 3PH Bale Feeders

Hay Ring Comparison

Check out this video of one bale being fed to the same herd two different ways.

Chainless X5000 – Saskatchewan, Canada

Chainless feeds out frozen bales without removing netwrap

Hay ring comparison

How many bales does it take to fill a hay ring?

See a Katipo built in less than 3 minutes!

Watch hustler Katipo sprayers built in less than 3 minutes in our factory. You can customize your sprayer with Hustler

Sir David Fagan – Mega SH

See what Sir David Fagan thinks of the Hustler Mega Softhands.

Sir David Fagan – Chainless 2000

See what Sir David Fagan thinks of the Hustler Chainless 2000 on his farm.

Rakaia Island Dairies, Mega Comby XL

How could silage bales cost less than silage stack/pit silage on this scale?

Softhands Range

Check out our Softhand range

Comby Feedout Wagon Range

Check out the versatile range of Comby feedout wagons!

Callumn Broomhall, Meander, TAS – Chainless X5000

Chainless X5000 saves Tasmanian dairy farmer time and feed

Ian Dickson, Milawa, VIC – Chainless X5000

This farmer purchased a second X5000, just 3 weeks after his first!

Willie Berkers, Waikato – SL360X

"Absolutely the best feeder i've ever used!"

Ben Jaunay, Mega Comby XL

Ben runs the largest Comby Feeder in the range - the Mega Comby XL which allows him to feed and reload 13 bales to 1680 cows in just under an hour each morning

Don Bradley – CXR Softhands

Don Bradley using softhands

Awanui Station, Hawkes Bay, Super Comby

Check out what Farm Manager of Awanui Station, Max Hall, thinks about their 13 year old Super Comby!

Super Comby EX Testimonial – Ron Lett, Turanganui

Super Comby EX saves Turaganui an hour Everyday!

Philip McElroy, Otago, Katipo 1150

Philip is thrilled with his new Katipo 1150 delivery

Chainless XR1500 Rebaler – Kentucky

Watch Jeremy Smith's views on his XR1500 Rebaler

Raw footage of new CHX5000 in action

Take a look at Craig Alexander's new Chainless X5000 bale feeder in action

Katipo 680 – Whangarei, NZ

See what Northland Based Matt Long has to say about his Katipo Sprayer

SL-700X Testimonial – Patoka, New Zealand

Hugh Thompson, Patoka, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand loves the SL-700X!

Roger Houser, USA – Replaces a bale processor with a balefeeder, VA

Watch the Chainless X5000 in action on Roger's farm.

SL360X Product Video

See the all-new SL360X in action here!

SL360X Testimonial – Waikato, NZ

See what Jess Singh has to say about the new SL360X

Farm Trader Test the SL360X

Jaiden Drought from Farm Trader recently tested the All-New SL360X. View it here:

Chainless X5000 Testimonial – Canada

Find out why Lorne Zentner chose the Hustler feeding system to replace his bale processor

Air Assisted Boom

Watch the Fox 1500L Sprayer and air assisted boom in action

Feeding Out Square Vetch Bales

Watch how to feed out a Square Vetch bale

Guide to feeding out round bales

How to feed out round bales with a Chainless bale feeder

Quick Start Guide for Chainless X5000

watch this tutorial video for the Chainless X5000

SL-700X in Action

SL-700X working at Henley on Thames, UK

SL-350 Balefeeder, France

The SL-350 earns Dennis KREMER 1 hour Everyday!

Chainless X5000 Testimonial

By Dillon Cameron, Waitaki, New Zealand

Chainless X5000 at work

Watch the Chainless X5000 at work on Pat Makin's farm, VIC, Australia

SL-700X Balefeeder in action

Watch the SL-700X balefeeder feeding out to cattle

Chainless 4000 Feeding Indoors

Watch the Chainless 4000 feeding goats indoors

Chainless X5000 – loading and feeding out bales

Cricklewood Angus at Tahaenui Station, Nuhaka, NZ

Chainless 2000 Testimonial

by Simon Tahau, Titiokura Station, NZ

SL-450X Balefeeder

by Chris Jennings, West Coast, NZ

Chainless 2000 – Bunk Feeding

Watch the Chainless 2000 bunk feeding testimonial

Chainless 4000 – Feeding Indoors

Watch the video of a Chainless 4000 feeding indoors, GA

Chainless X5000 – Missouri, USA

Feeding out with a Chainless X5000 - Legacy Beef, Missouri

Chainless 2000 Video

Feeding out with a Chainless 2000, MO

Chainless 4000 – Feedlot Feeding

Watch feedlot feeding with a Chainless 4000

SL-350 Delivery in Colorado – USA

Watch the SL-350 balefeeder in Colorado

Chainless 2000 Hurricane

By Darryl Dostal, Rice Lake, WI

Chainless X5000 Video

By George Kicken, Nebraska

Chainless X5000 Testimonial

By Jene Kasperbauer, Nebraska

Power Farming – Dealer Testimonial

What our dealers say about Hustler

Sprayer Boom Testing

watch our sprayer booms get tested on the boom thrasher

Research and Development

Hustler's Research and Development Difference

Hustler Company Overview

Watch our company overview video here

SL-700X Balefeeder

Watch the SL-700X balefeeder product video

Compact and Mega Softhands

Watch the Compact & Mega Softhands product video

Fox 1800 Litre Sprayer Testimonial

Matt Fryer from CT Contracting about their Fox Sprayer

Katipo Sprayer Range

Watch the Katipo Sprayer product video

SL-350 Balefeeder

Watch the SL-350 in action

Chainless 2000 France

By Martine OHREL of Steinbrunn-le-Bas, HABSHEIM

Chainless X5000 in action

Watch the Chainless X5000 product video

Improving farm profitability

David Fiske - Virginia Tech, University

Like riding a bike!

Brett Barbour about his Katipo

Bale feeder summary

By Eric Elsner, University of GA

Chainless XR1500 Rebaler

Watch the Chainless XR1500 Rebaler in action

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