Mega Comby XL

The Mega Comby XL is the largest multi feeder in the range, boasting a whopping 700 ft3 load level, which can be increased to 865ft3 heaped capacity using the optional bin/forks assembly.  It feeds out every type of supplementary feed including all bale types, shapes and sizes.  And any type of loose feed including fine chop silage, maize silage, root-crops, vegetables and is available with the new optional Beet Chopper.

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"This machine here can cut us back to 2 loads a day which is quite a few hours on the tractor"

- Tim Mathewson, Hororata - Mega Comby

"Over the years I have purchased 4 Robertson machines. They are the strongest, most reliable, hardest working machine around. With the capability of feeding out silage, round & square bales so it also saved us capital expenditure by eliminating the need to purchase a second machine"

- Ged - Warrnambool, Australia

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5 Key Benefits


VERSATILITY – If you’re feeding a combination of bales, silage, root-crops or any other supplementary feed, then the Mega Comby XL is the only multi-feeder you’ll need. Mega Comby XL is able to feed all types, shapes and sizes bales including straw, hay and baled silage, fine chop silage, maize silage, root crops and literally any type of feed you can lay your hands on. The unique elevator design delivers feed out of the side of the machine allowing you to feed into troughs, feed-pads, bunks or open pasture


CONTROL – The unique design of the Mega Comby XL provides the operator with more control and visibility of the task at hand. More control over the feed-row lets you maximise your feed by varying from light for sheep and deer to the heavier row for feeding cattle and anything in between with no big clumps left in the pasture. The ability to see the entire load from the comfort of your seat puts you in control of feeding


RELIABILITY – The combination of a tough, well-proven design with the design smarts of the unique load dividing system reduces loads and stresses on drives, motors, shafts and the floor extending the working life, reducing maintenance and less to wear out which lets you spend more time feeding out, less time in the workshop.


EASY TO USE – With a simple Joystick Control Feeding System only 2 double acting hydraulic outlets are required to operate the entire machine. Elevator, main floor and cross floor giving you more control, from your fingertips. You have full control of the feed material, being able to forward and reverse all floor movements.  The low loading height simplifies loading and the wide design makes it the most stable unit on the market.


ACCURATE FEED DELIVERY – All Comby feeders now come load cell ready as standard, which allows you to add the weighing option when it suits your operation so you can accurately measure the correct amount your herd needs, reducing waste and increasing the performance of your farm.


Mega Comby XL – Auto Release tail door

Tail Door

A tail door with breakaway catch system.

Feed Pad Kit

Standard on Mega Comby XL

Electric Joystick Control



4′ dia. round bales:  14

Square bales: 14

Bulk silage:  700 ft3

Maximum load:  26455 lb


  • Overall width:  9.5′
  • Overall width with elevator fully down:  13′
  • Overall height loading:  7.7′
  • Overall length:  32′
  • Tare weight:  11,420 lb
  • Tyres (standard):  400/60 x 22.5
  • Tandem axle:  8 tonne per pair – 8 stud
  • Hydraulics required for standard:  2 pair double acting
  • Tyre option – UPGRADE:  500/45 x 22.5

Optional Extras

Extension Bin

An extension bin for extra capacity.


Flotation Wheels

Optional larger flotation wheels.


Braking Axle

Fully oscillating axle with hydraulic brakes. For use with hydraulic remote or braking coupling.


Load Cell Weighing / Wireless

For accurate weighing of silage and bales direct from your tractor cab. (Wireless Monitor pictured).


Load Cell Drawbar

Strong Heavy Duty Drawbar unit with slanted front for clearance from 3 point linkage arms. Compatible with most tractor Euro Hitches.



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