GrappleMax Grapple Buckets

The ultimate grapple bucket for livestock farmers who demand nothing but the very best and want a versatile attachment for handling, loading and feeding round or square bales and other commodities. 

GrappleMax Grapple Buckets

Models in range: LX250

Get the job done, whatever it may be, with GrappleMax grapple bucket. The super tough design, combined with clever use of the highest-grade materials and built-in protection for the vital parts could be the last grapple bucket you ever buy!

6 Reasons to choose GrappleMax

1. Massive jaw opening for grabbing the largest bales

2. Versatility and safety of use when loading a TMR or a feedout wagon

3. Fully fabricated grapple arms for ultimate strength and immense clamping power

4. Protected rams and hoses to eliminate snagging and reduce downtime

5. High-strength and wear-resistant materials to minimize wear for a longer life

6. Long, removable, reinforced bucket teeth – ideal for breaking ice and spearing bales

Features & Benefits

GrappleMax 6 7 Degree Taper

Tapered bucket design

The top of the bucket is narrower than the bottom floor, and the back of the bucket is narrower than the bucket opening. This design enables easier material emptying and reduces corner clogging when handling sticky materials.

hustler grapplemax quick release grapple pin 700x500

Quick-release grapple

Just two loose-fitting pins remove the complete grapple, including the grill and hoses. No need to detach hoses, allowing the bucket for other tasks.

hustler grapplemax hollow section 700x500

Triple-section reinforced bucket design

Unlike other buckets, GrappleMax has three hollow sections, providing unparalleled torsional strength, unbeatable durability, and a long life.

hustler grapplemax bonnet grill 700x500

Strong spill guard grill

We addressed a common failure in other grapple buckets with a tough RHS-reinforced grill featuring a large mesh design for excellent visibility.

hustler grapplemax reinforced tines 700x500

Reinforced tines that don’t come loose

GrappleMax has five large tines made from RockGuard400 (AR400) wear plate, reinforced and welded to prevent loosening or bending.

hustler grapplemax central vertical hoses with hooks 700x500

Central vertical hoses with hooks

Hoses are kept out of harm’s way on the loader carrier frame, preventing damage during hookup. Hose-holding hooks are also available for storage when not in use.

hustler grapplemax protected hoses 700x500

Protected hoses

Routed inside the arm to shield against snags or damage from materials when grabbing brush or other items.

hustler grapplemax protected cylinder spears 700x500

Protected cylinder spears

Large steel shields protect the ram’s spears to prevent damage from falling materials.

hustler grapplemax removable teeth 700x500

Optional removable teeth

Crafted from RockGuard500 (AR500) wear plate and reinforced for strength and durability with RockGuard500 stiffeners, these optional teeth* are excellent for spearing bales or breaking up ice or other hard surfaces.

*Bolt-on, removable teeth are a product option

GrappleMax wear plates rockguard 700x500

Wear plates built-in

Cutting edge made from RockGuard 500 (AR500) wear plate, and bucket floor and side wear plates built from RockGuard 400 wear plate ensure GrappleMax is the longest-lasting grapple bucket in the game.

HustlerMuscle Icons 5YearWarrantyIndustryLeadingNoBull 700x500

5-Year No Bull Warranty

Nothing but the best comes with Hustler’s legendary 5-year warranty.

Product Customiser

Select the product, then options and accessories to create your enquiry.

Bolt-on teeth for GrappleMax

Bolt-on teeth for GrappleMax

Crafted from Rockhard™ 500 wear plate and reinforced for strength, these optional teeth are excellent for spearing bales or breaking up ice or other hard surfaces.

Euro Hitch for GrappleMax

Euro Hitch for GrappleMax

Use your GrappleMax on Euro Hitch front-end loader with this welded-on Euro Hitch.


Unit Weight: 640 kg | 1278 lb
Dimensions (Depth x Width x Height): 1454 x 2440 x 1431 mm (720 mm bucket only) | 57.2 x 96 x 56 in (28.3 in bucket only)
Bucket capacity: 1.2 m³ | 1.56 yd³
Full grapple capacity: 2.47 m³ | 3.23 yd³
Grapple tines: Replaceable 5x RockGuard™ 400 (AR400) reinforced tines
Jaw opening: 2.13 m | 84 in
Clamp: Twin-ram
Hydraulic required: 45L/min | 11 gal./min



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