Hustler Warranty Program

Published 15th March 2023

Jordan talks about the Hustler Warranty program and how best to take advantage of it if your Hustler machine has issues within its warranty period.


Hey guys, Jordan here with Hustler Equipment and today I’m here to talk to you a little bit about our Warranty Program.

Farmers and Ranchers alike often want to know, what’s our warranty program like, and are they going to be taken care of. So let’s get straight into it. So as we all know, with any industry, any shape or type or piece of equipment, things do go wrong. And so as a farmer or rancher, you may find yourself asking, if with my new Hustler purchase, something does go wrong, how am I going to be looked after? So with our two year warranty, Hustler is committed to making sure that you as a farmer or rancher is well looked after because we all know that when stock needs to be fed, stock needs to be fed. And it’s critical that we keep the downtime to a minimum.

Hustler has committed to making the warranty process as simple and hassle free as possible, using just three simple steps. Firstly, as many pictures as possible of the problem. Secondly, a brief explanation of the issue. And thirdly, the serial number.

We’ll get that submitted straight to our warranty department. And within 24 hours, you’ll be contacted with a solution. And by the way, we can confidently say that warranty claims only account for 0.8% of all machines out of the Hustler factory door.