How much does it cost to mechanise my feeding system?

Published 7th July 2022

In a previous article, we discussed how mechanising your feeding system can help to reduce your feed costs and improve your operation at various levels. If you haven’t read it yet, you can have a look here.

The second part of this article comes naturally – How much does it cost to mechanise my feeding system and how much does a Hustler bale feeder cost?

A very important question – nobody wants to sign a blank cheque!

But the answer is a little bit more complicated to pin down for various reasons.

Firstly, we at Hustler Equipment, want to make sure that you get the right machine

  • Are you feeding only round bales?
  • Or do you need the option to feed squares too?
  • Is your silage short-chopped?
  • Do you feed into a bunker, trough or ring feeder?
  • How many bales per day do you feed?

Answers to these questions will help determine which model is right for you and your operation.

At Hustler, we offer a large range of bale feeders and feedout wagons that have been designed to be both versatile and adaptable to specific systems according to your feeding habits and needs. Among our models, you’ll find the Unrolla round bale feeder, the Chainless bale feeder designed for square and round bales, the Combi multi-feeder wagon able to handle any type of feed or the innovative EzFeed silage wagon. More specialised machines such as the feedlot and bunker bale feeder come in handy for operations that use specific feeding setups. 

Secondly, is the cost

  • Just what you pay initially?
  • Or is it best to view it over the life of the machine?

In which case, a well-built machine with a 4-year warranty would make long-term sense. The maintenance costs (and the time invested into it) is often a quickly discarded topic while it should be well thought-through. Since 1961, Hustler has put efficiency at the very heart of the design of the machines – and a new bale feeder won’t be developed unless it is strong, durable, and easy to use and maintain.

Thirdly, is the cost justified by the performance of the machine?

  • Saving time
  • Saving feed
  • Saving operator fatigue
  • Better uptake in the animal
  • Quicker weight gains

These are all easily achievable with the correct machine.

So, to go back to the question…

Hustler bale feeders start at £6,580 for a single workhorse bale feeder and peak at £55,000 for the multi-feeder or specialised wagons with many models in-between. If you are reading this article from North America, you can have a look at the article written by my colleague Lance Paskewitz about the cost of a bale processor in the USA and Canada.

A short, no-obligation call to one of our territory manager and experts will quickly help you ascertain the correct machine for your task.

Then you’ll know exactly what the cost and savings will be.

Look forward to speaking to you soon. You can send us an email or require to be called back here

We love sharing ideas.

Mike Gibbs, Hustler Business Development – UK & Europe