TwinFeed™, a standard feature with dual benefits!

Published 11th April 2024

EzFeed 600w

Livestock farmers constantly strive for efficiency and equipment design plays a crucial role in optimising farm operations.

With this in mind, Hustler Equipment developed TwinFeed™ for the EzFeed silage wagon range.

This industry-first feature allows for feed discharge from either the left- or right-hand side of the wagon. Designed to enhance versatility and performance, TwinFeed™ aims to improve the efficiency of silage wagon feeding operations.

TwinFeed™ represents a unique advancement in the silage wagon landscape.

Its key feature is the dual feed discharge capability, offering farmers a more adaptable feeding process. This functionality coming as a standard feature on the whole range of Hustler EzFeed silage wagons is an industry first, eliminating the need for additional investment or modifications.

The flexibility of TwinFeed™ is particularly advantageous in farm settings where precise silage wagon positioning is crucial, such as indoor setup,  feedpads, trough feeding or any other specific designated feed areas.

Click here to watch EzFeed delivering a neat silage windrow or click here to see an indoor feeding situation!

Dual discharge options allow for streamlined feeding, removing the need for complex manoeuvers and ensuring smooth integration into existing feeding arrangements. Reducing unnecessary movements minimises downtime, which not only saves farmers valuable time but also enhances overall operational efficiency.

Beyond efficiency gains, TwinFeed™ contributes to minimising feed waste by facilitating precise and controlled feeding. The dual discharge options allow for even feed distribution, reducing the risk of overconsumption and promoting better utilisation of valuable silage resources.

Did you know? 💡 EzFeed silage wagons require only one set of hydraulics to control the entire operation! The TwinFeed™ discharge side can be manually adjusted using a conveniently located lever at the front of the wagon, or operators can opt for an optional automatic hydraulic change of feed direction for added convenience.

In conclusion, TwinFeed™ is a game-changing technology for silage wagons. It’s a standard feature on EzFeed wagons, offering unmatched versatility, efficiency, and performance benefits to farmers – an affordable and straightforward way to revolutionise feeding operations!

You can have any silage wagon you want as long as it feeds left and right!

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