How do Hustler Boom Sprayers Handle New Zealand’s Most Rugged Terrain?

Published 2nd April 2020
New Zealand

Recently our team visited North Canterbury to find out 4 years later how JCB contracting’s Hustler Katipo 1150 Boom Sprayer had held up to some of North Canterbury’s toughest terrain. Running a contracting business and 944ha farm Justin purchased his sprayer back in 2016…


The 944 ha property in North Canterbury runs 2000 ewes and 150 cows. To keep up with feeding demand, 250 bales of balage are produced yearly. As if that wasn’t already enough work, the owners also run JCB Contracting and have purchased a Hustler Katipo 1150 with 12m Sonic boom to take care of the spraying needs for the farm and their contracting customers


“The quality is pretty exceptional really, we’ve had no failures with it since we’ve owned it from 2016, it’s been through some pretty rugged country and it seems to have stood the test of time”

IMG_5011 Justin Bennett KAtipo

The Katipo sprayer ticked a lot of boxes, one of them was our Hustler dealer North Canterbury Equipment, who are quick and easy to deal with. Other factors that resonated with the Bennetts were that the machine was easy to operate, simple to maintain and it delivers time savings, which are crucial to a multi-faced family business.

Front tank setup

To balance the weight for extra safety when working up in the hills, Justin added Hustler’s Katipo 680 front tank unit to keep the front of his tractor on the ground, and giving him a total of 1830 litre capacity to get the job done in less time another benefit to the Hustler design is the ISO standard 3 point hitch mounts.

Justin Bennett Katipo GOPR7480

Regenerative Farming

Taking advantage of the benefits of liquid fertilizer application Justin is rapt with the unique MixMax agitation system for mixing granulated fertilizers which eliminated the need to pre-mix the fertilizer in a separate tank prior to filling the sprayer. This has saved him countless hours of unproductive time while delivering an outstanding result in pasture growth. And the triple nozzle bodies combined with up to 10 pre-selected application rates in the spray computer makes switching between crops or products a breeze.

“Time saving is a big thing for us.”

A testament to the Hustler design is the fact that Justin has had no failures since investing in his Katipo boom sprayer even though he’s has been through some pretty rugged country over the past 4 years and the sprayer is still under Hustler industry leading 4 year warranty!

IMG_4991 Justin Bennett Katipo