Free Range German Dairy Farm Optimizes Nutrition with the Help of Hustler Bale Unroller

Published 28th March 2020

We’re in Strackholt, Germany visiting a small family run farming business and learn how the nutrition of a 35 cow dairy herd is optimized with the help of a Hustler SL360X (Unrolla LX105).  

Happy cows and sustainable farming are important to the family, who have their cows grazing in the paddock in the warmer weather until the herd is housed inside during winter. They cut their own hay and silage and feed out one and half bales daily, in winter. 



“We save 20 minutes every time we feed out.”


Not only do they save 20 minutes every time they feed out with the Hustler SL360X (Unrolla LX105), but it’s also perfect for feeding just half a bale each day with it’s simple single lever control. The bale can remain on the feeding platform until it is needed next time, which keeps it from spoiling and falling apart. The integrated tynes mean the machine can simply be put down, while the tynes will remain on the tractor and can be used for other jobs.

Being easily able to only feed part of any bale, gives the operator total control over their stock feeding scheme eliminating waste. Learn more about limit feeding 

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After the first cut of hay, additional feeding is paused and the cows are exclusively grass fed until autumn when the quality of grass decreases. 

The timing of the first cut is important, as it determines the level of nutrition and energy in the hay. This in return has an impact on how much milk the cow produces. The higher the nutrition and energy levels, the more palatable the hay is for the cow and the higher the milk production. 

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“The meadow grass hay unrolls nicely and the silage even better.”


The family feeds out two types of bales, one being meadow grass and the other one being silage. Both of them unroll nicely with the Hustler SL360X. The bale gets teased apart without destroying the nutritional leaf, making it more palatable and ensuring the animals get as much goodness from their feed, as possible. 

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