How did our chainless x2000 become a game changer for an equestrian operation

Published 27th December 2018

See how the Chainless X2000 has been a game changer for Heinrich Plaas-Beisemann an equestrian farmer in Fröndenberg, Germany that was looking for a solution to relieve his employees and save time.

Heinrich runs a well-established equestrian operation in Fröndenberg. Feeding out one ton of silage or hay to their young horses every day. Creating the need for a solution to relieve the strain on his employees feeding out the traditional method using a fork.

“We feed one ton of silage or hay to our young horses every day, and we were looking for a possibility to relieve our employees.“


After doing some research and speaking to his local dealer, Heinrich decided to purchase the Chainless X2000 because of its ability to self load with the machines tynes.

“Using our compact loader we can do both, load the bale with the tynes and feed out, without having to switch machines or change equipment.”


This was a big game changer to his operation, saving time and saving his employees from straining themselves and having downtime.

With their young horses, the compact loader is useful, as they have many narrow stable alleys. Restricting them with the size of the bale unroller, they would need, which wasn’t a problem for the Hustler Chainless X2000. The lightweight of the Bale processor was one of the main reasons why Heinrich purchased it.

“We can also easily get around all tight alley ways.”


Another advantage is that the Bale feeder can feed round bales, as well as square bales. Heinrich sometimes has to buy hay as they are not always able to purchase round bales. This being a significant advantage.

“We have bought our first Chainless X2000 about 2 years ago. We were so happy with it that we decided to buy a second one in the following year.”


One bale feeder is always loaded with hay, while the other one with silage. making it easier to switch between bale feeders when necessary.

“Before, feeding out and sweeping the stables at night, would have taken three people and around two hours.  Now we only need two people which is a huge relief for our employers.”

“We use the Hustler whenever and wherever we can.”


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