It’s all in the Testing here at Hustler…

Without giving up the golden egg, here is a sneak preview of what our testing entails on making Hustler machines world’s best!

We develop our equipment based on input from the people who use our machines

In fact, the majority of Hustler’s product development time is spent in the field talking to farmers, listening to their needs and finding their constraints. We utilise simple methods to solve complex problems, trial and testing the concepts to ensure the equipment performs in every situation that it might be required to work in.

Our commitment to research and development means we build equipment you can consistently rely on, year in and year out, ensuring you exceptional value for money and lower cost of ownership.


Starting at the beginning, finding a solution and working towards a goal, our team designs concepts that they work through with various CAD (Computer-aided development) systems to assist with analysis and testing, to ensure our customers are investing in products that will perform, last, and add value

Once we have an idea that can be made into a prototype, we will then start our initial testing during the development phase which is performed in New Zealand, then product concepts are sent to all major markets for usability, field trials and a thorough thrashing, to ensure that they:

  1. Perform with all in all situations, any with all types of bales and feeds 
  2. Perform in all applications they might be required to work
  3. Can sustain any fatigue and withstand the test of time

Here is a sneak peek into the testing process of a Hustler machine!



So, this consists of some hydraulic cylinders, a cement block, a monorail and some Hustler genes.

With doing the shake testing on our machines, we are able to find all its weak points and make them stronger, with flexing the steel to the point of it being stressed ensuring our machines can handle more than there capability. This enables us to improve the design ironing out all weak point, turning the weakness into strengths before it enters the market. 

Some of our innovations that have come from constant testing and speaking to farmers. 

Through our testing phase for the new X series Chainless, we conducted testing and trials on more than 110 types and varieties of bale, giving the new X series and edge in versatility over every other manufacturer worldwide. This is just one of the reasons why it took more than 4 years to develop this range and why it is so successful today!

At Hustler, we thrive on product feedback. Feedback is the backbone of process improvement and without this, it is very hard to innovate. Check out Our Hustler Promise, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Snaplox System

Auto connect/disconnect hands-free loading system saves you time, saves the frustration with tugging on a rope to disconnect, and saves you from twisting your back. It’s fail-safe, fast and operates naturally.

That’s why we are able to offer a larger warranty, giving our clients 100% satisfaction as they last longer and have less maintenance!



Want to be part of our farmer testing program? Submit your details and we will be in touch shortly. You could be testing one of our prototypes on your farm at no cost!