Hustler’s new Dump Trailers built for Tough conditions

Published 14th June 2017
New Zealand

With many European trailers built for lighter conditions finding their way onto the market today, we’re seeing a rise in demand for tip trailers that are designed and built for the conditions they’re used in. Here’s a look at the NEW 12 ton model…

A recent delivery of the new 12 Ton Tip Trailers:


6 Reasons that make Hustler’s tip trailer so much better than others:
  1. 33% Stronger floor than the nearest competitor and up to 50% stronger than competing European trailer floors.This provide you with more peace of mind, it lasts longer and resists bowing. 
  2. Toughest axle assembly with more oscillation than all other trailers. 
  3. Safer design – Extensive use of RHS in both the chassis and body design, reduces chances of rollover from twisting, a common issue with light duty import trailers.
  4. More tipping power – we use Twin under body cylinders, ensuring you’ll always have enough grunt to tip off the load. 
  5. Strongest tail-door on the market to eliminate damage or twisting from spreading shingle or rocky material. 
  6. Tough reinforced removable sides and headboard with support bolsters. 

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Massive Twin underbody hydraulic cylinders, and 3 post chassis design


Huge rear pivots, with reinforced construction


Huge axle construction, with massive tyre of clearance



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on the toughest trailer on the market.